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Photobucket Certain issues require two posts in one day.

I definitely typed a two-paged post in my technology class on Thursday, but I saved it as a draft to be edited and enhanced later. And then I find out today my sister wrote on her blog exactly what I already had typed out. I love it when this happens. So here is an edited version of what I originally had. But if you feel you want to read her’s (less sarcastic and possibly less entertaining JK) here’s the LINK.

I’m getting so far behind on my “God of Study(ies)”. Sorry guys. But this can’t wait.

Pretty much every single post I’ve written -excluding the Nicholas Sparks one- has been about Koreans. Sorry. Again.

So as the Korean conflict was quickly escalating (I think the oil spill issue is pretty much the #1 issue right now) the Koreans are trying to -calmly- instate each other’s beliefs into the other. Seeing how the North is exporting all things Southern, it’s not easy to talk to them. So the South has reverted to the more *cough, traditional ways of communicating safely.

Loudspeaker Propaganda being one of them.


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PhotobucketOMG. SO. CUTE. Look at the Japanese baby. She has no eyes, haha.

I love babies. Everyone loves babies. There’s something about holding the little bundle of joy in your arms and melting a little on the inside. Even the most cold and insensitive person can’t resist those adorabwal widdle cheekies and toesies. Whenever a family friend has a new baby, my sister and I are always fighting over who gets to hold the baby. :> The babies usually like me better. Just kidding. Haha. Little babies smell so nice all the time! *Sigh. I’m excited to be a mom someday.

PhotobucketThis made my day. Yoo Seung-ho and babies. Two of my favorite things.


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