I like green tea ice cream.

Here’s an updated About Me page.

I’m a blogger. A proud blogger. I love writing blogs, reading blogs, etc.

And I’m a fervent kdrama watcher/kpop observant. I know not everyone here is Korean, but try to read and enjoy. I’ll try my best to make it all-ethnicity friendly.

I don’t really blog about myself. Two reasons. 1) Privacy issue. Maybe a sense of mystery makes my posts more intriguing? Well, seeing how 95% of you guys are friends with me on fb…just pretend or something. 2) My life is really not that interesting. So I do mostly social commentary. Errr, kdrama and kpop commentary.

I don’t have the best grammar in the world, please bear with me. I type my posts as I would imagine myself saying it aloud. So when you read it, imagine that I’m saying this to you. Rather than you reading it.

For safety precautions, I won’t write about specific people -unless they’re well-known- and specific places. Again, unless they’re well-known. People tag my blog to theirs, and no matter how much I try to stop it, I can’t stop all of them.

So please don’t leave comments with names, address, etc.

And also, please leave appropriate comments. My reader base is very wide, so I ask that you keep it PG. And I promise I’ll keep my posts PG. If not G.

Mini Glossary:

-kpop: Korean pop music. Kpop actually includes a wide array of genres. But anything Korean music in general.

-kdramas: Televised Korean shows that air anywhere from 4-80 episodes. Highly addicting, highly emotional.

-fb: Facebook

-YT: youtube


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