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I have been inspired to start another series in my blog posts. Something to keep me practicing. And something to use as an excuse when I’m too lazy to do something actually productive. Through a series of events having to do with commenting and replying to these comments, I have decided to have Shinee (or is it SHINee) be my guinea pigs for this particular undertaking.

Oh boy, I have a LOT to say…

But before I dive into uncharted waters, I would like to make a disclaimer. I like SHINee. I really do. I certainly don’t love them by any means, but I prefer them over their fellow SM Entertainment colleagues by a long shot.  So all you crazy fanatics out there, don’t be offended by my words. I’m thinking especially hard before I dare type anything, lest I want to find a death note in my blog inbox…

SHINee and I have an interesting past. This may be a surprise for you all, but my first real encounter with kpop was with SHINee. Therefore SHINee occupies a special place in my heart. Sure, I knew about the legends known as g.o.d./Shinhwa/H.O.T etc, but most of those groups existed during my elementary school days when I was still iffy about totally accepting my Korean heritage. I even had a brief encounter with Big Bang, but totally ignored them, turned off by Tae-yang’s horrendous cornrows (thank the LORD they finally realized how terrible it looked on him) and a confusingly bitter “Haru Haru” MV. Shocking, I know, considering how I have essentially converted at least 10 people to become loyal fans of them.

I actually remember the moment when I first watched SHINee’s “Noona nomu yeppo”/”Replay” MV (Noona is so pretty). I was visiting my sister at her college, and she takes out her computer and says to me, “dude. you seriously have to watch this!” As soon as I realized it was kpop, omg I wanted to run. But I actually sat through the entire thing and took it in. After I went home, I watched it again. And then again. And then again. And the rest is history.

Almost 4 years later, this song is still my favorite song from SHINee (is this sad seeing how this is their debut song?) and this song is within my top ten best kpop songs since I started listening to kpop. I’m fairly certain I still have this on a playlist that I’m currently using on my iPod, haha.

For a debut song, this is golden. Heck, even for a season kpop-er this song would still be golden. This song CREATED the idea of the noona-killer. Well, maybe not created, but sure made it happen. And I fully blame this song for allowing boys to become cute and girly-er to be a noona-killer.

And not to mention the fact that it is actually a well-made song. Factors making it a well-made song:

1) The one line “Noona is so pretty”. Enough Said.

2) Each of the members have, for the most part, equal parts in the song. Except for Tae-min who just focused on being cute and pretty and dancing cute and prettily, the other members sang fairly well. And to have 4/5 members sing well in a debut song is pretty rare.

3) The song itself. So. Terrifyingly. Addicting.

4) It’s not overly processed and is surprisingly simple. No annoyingly hardcore auto-tune or other obtrusive sounds.

5) THE DANCING. I’m fairly certain this is what captivated me. It is refreshing. Granted, I had almost no experience in kpop before this, so I’m sure other groups had their own cute little dances. But I don’t think I had ever seen anything quite so…coordinated.

I didn’t really think much of their singing when I first got hooked, but that QUICKLY changed. ESPECIALLY when I started to  hear other groups attempt singing. OH MY.

SHINee’s main singer, Jong-hyun. Holy macaroni. This boy. Has a gift. STRAIGHT from God.

In this video, he’s singing Brown Eyed Soul’s “Nothing Better”. Another song on my top ten kpop songs list.

Well, some time passed after all the “Noona is so pretty” craze ended, and then they came out with another hit single, much to my chagrin. This one I did not like. At all.

Yes, SM Ent. DID purchase the rights to this song from Disney, in case you were wondering just WHERE this came from.

SM actually has a nasty habit of doing this. For example:

-SHINee’s “Juliette” and “Love like Oxygen”

-SNSD’s “Run Devil Run”

-f(x)’s “Pinocchio” OH MY. This group. Is getting a post in this series.

But I have to keep reminding myself before I start to get angry that SM Ent. IS an ENTERTAINMENT company. JYP and YG have their own styles of MUSIC, but SM purely ENTERTAINS. Why do you think they created a group with 9 girls in it??

Buying songs aside, I was sorely disappointed with this single. Moving on.

Their next major single was –in my opinion– the real breakout single for SHINee. They captured the noonas’ hearts with the debut single, but I think this single was the one that sealed the deal for everyone, not just noonas.

No one understands the MV. Then again, it was probably made not to be understood. Gosh, I hate those. Symbolism in a MV is totally awesome by my books. But I just don’t get it here. Someone care to explain?

Sorry for the bad quality. But this song makes NO SENSE without subs. Well. Even with subs it doesn’t make sense.

I still don’t know how I feel about this song. WTH does fantastic elastic even mean?? Again with the “SM only exists to entertain”…

This is SHINee’s first appearance as a hot commodity, proving that they have muscles as well as a cute face. Do you see that move by Onew at 3:19??? DO YOU SEE THAT??

And this song was probably the most covered dance routine of 2009 and at the same time the most mocked. There are videos of children doing this for grade school exercise as well as prison inmates doing this for…mental stimulation? I’m not even kidding. Well, I suppose it’s a dance that anyone can do. And I suppose have some fun doing it.

And the next single. This is a most definitely a holy macaroni if there ever was one…

I don’t even feel like the actual MV does this song any justice. I could write an entire 2,000 word post JUST on this song…and then ANOTHER 2,000 word post just on the DANCING IN THIS SONG. And then a 3,000 word post on how much I HATE THEIR HAIR.

Tae-min already looks like a girl.

Onew looks like something straight from an era we don’t want to remember.

And Key’s hair.. I can’t even talk about this. I might cry.

But one positive result of this song: you can really hear the improvement in Tae-min’s vocals. He went from barely one-liners to carrying almost half a verse by himself. And it doesn’t sounds half that bad. Kudos to you, kiddo. Jong-hyun still steals the show with almost no comparison (OMG when he sings offbeat at 1:37, that was INSANITY), but Tae-min holds his own well.

Aside from the singing, this song will forever go down in kpop history books as the freaking hardest kpop dance –scratch that WORLD dance– to have ever been successfully completed on stage, several times over. It. is. SICK. Without a doubt, THIS is the dance that you must master if you want to be something incredible. Seriously. I’m not surprised that Tae-min could pull this off. I’m just surprised SM managed to find 4 other people that could too. While singing. This is not a dance you can mock. Because this is probably a dance you cannot do.

You know how I am with my practice videos… :P

Even this practice video doesn’t do this dance justice. *Sigh…I know that I’ve been raving about Infinite’s crazy precise dancing skills, but SHINee still blows my mind. Infinite is getting pretty high up there, but SHINee takes the win for now. *Although SHINee still does do the whole movement-in-one-direction-then-do-the-same-exact-move-in-the-other-direction. But for now I think I can forgive that.

And if you do doubt that they dance this awesomely and sing at the same time, I have found proof. Don’t ask me how I found this, I just did. :P

And they sang pretty well too. And they’re not even dying at the end. Wow.

SHINee, please don’t take anything I said to be offensive. I do enjoy your music and dancing. Really, I do. Even if sometimes you can be prettier than me. Please continue to impress me in the future, and please hurry up and make a comeback in your home country.

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  • 1. nycollx33  |  November 26, 2011 at 9:04 PM

    i love your writing. =)


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