I will admit, I was wrong.

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OK. So I know I’ve said something like how 99% of all kpop groups excluding Big Bang and 2NE1 are not worth it, waste of time, ridiculous, etc. Maybe it wasn’t 99%. Maybe it was more like…97%. Maybe even 95%. One thing I know for sure is that I don’t give each group nearly the amount of credit that they deserve, which I’m still halfway unwilling to admit.

But once in a while, I will have to come to terms with my over-the-top assumptions and be willing to be sucked into something non-YG. I can assure you, this happens very, very, very, very, very X 49850948209860 rarely.

I wouldn’t read this post unless you have a LOT of time on your hands… It has quite a few vids, and QUITE a few words. This has as many words as a double-spaced 4-paged essay. Well, what can I say. I’m an English major, haha.

So there’s this kpop group called “Infinite”.

They debuted when I was in Korea last summer, and I barely took them with a grain of salt. When you’re actually IN the country where cuteness kpop ridiculousness originates, it’s not easy to keep up. All I knew was that their producer/”adopted fathers” were Epik High’s Epik Tablo and Mithra because of their appearances in their “Run” music vid, a plethora of other news tidbits, and this picture:


Cute, isn’t it?

Epik High is awesome. Totally awesome. So I was interested. At first.

And the music vid: (one Infinite member on guitar, one on keyboard, and one as the main character)

*Random trivia I didn’t know: two other members of Infinite were backup dancers during Epik High’s promotion of this song.

I saw debut pictures, etc, and their company made a big mistake of making them all look the same! I took one look at them and COULD NOT tell them apart. It was…weird. So, they just migrated to my “meh” category of kpop awesomeness and stayed out of my radar.

Seriously, how are you supposed to tell them apart here???


I actually watched their debut music video, and I remember being half impressed, but one thing that got me was that it was SO DANG REPETITIVE.

Despite the repetitiveness, the song itself is quite catchy, and I found myself smiling at the silliness and randomness. “Too many guys for unique modes of transportation? Let’s have one…TELEPORT. YEAH.”

And sorry for the non-subbed MV. I couldn’t find a subbed one with enough clarity. The song is called “Come Back Again”. So you can probably guess what they’re singing about.

*Random plug for 2NE1: one thing I love about them is that each song has a climax. And a beginning. And an end. Climax usually involving Park Bom awesomeness. But this post isn’t about them so I’ll stop before I get too carried away… :P

After watching it, forgetting about them, they debut a second single a few weeks later…and I was not so impressed. It’s called “She’s Back” for all you interested out there who want to watch it, because I’m not going to post it here. Again, SO DANG REPETITIVE… and the song is cute, but not anything too memorable. Vid is cuter, but still not worth talking too much about.

Fast forward like…a year. And this is what happened.

So I follow a YouTuber couple who go by the name “SimonandMartina”. They live in Korea and teach English, and have this YouTube channel solely based on living-in-Korea commentary and kpop commentary. They’ve lived in Korea long enough that they understand the culture and why Koreans do what they do, but they also haven’t lived in Korea long enough to totally accept everything as is. Which I appreciate. They have this segment on their blog called Music Mondays, where they discuss a group’s new song that was voted for by viewers. I was totally expecting them to comment on 2NE1’s “Ugly” (I’ll talk about this in another post), but they –much to my disappointment– talked about Infinite’s new single “Be Mine” which came out in late July.

So… I really like Simon and Martina for their brash, blunt –yet entertaining– words praising and not-so-much praising of kpop, and I have actually used them as a should-I-watch-this-new-MV-or-not guide. FYI: they did comment on Hyuna’s “Bubble Pop”. Haha… yea. It was interesting.

Despite my bitterness towards not seeing “Ugly” listed, I decided to watch it anyways. And I was slightly surprised. Here is the vid for you all:

One thing they said that caught my attention was that Infinite didn’t really try to act all cutesy like most other guy groups. I am permanently scarred from the group “Boyfriend” who are not only all younger than me, but all just seem like THEY should be the ones looking for boyfriends…*sigh… so.. this perked my interest, haha. They’re not 2PM’s for crying out loud, but some manliness won’t kill anybody.

All in all, they gave it a pretty good rating. So I decided to watch the MV for myself and see what was up.

And what.. I kinda liked it? What?

Still not totally sold, but interested.

And as I was reading the comments, I saw that most people (apart from the INFINITE<3INFINITE<3INFINITE<3INFINITE<3 type of comments) commented on their really clean, precise dances. They have seven guys. Precise dancing is not that easy. Precise dancing for 2PM is a nightmare. Watch these vids and then you’ll understand why 2PM filmed their latest MV all crazy-like and discombobulated, in a club in Singapore.

Check this out:

My two favorite songs combined into one! Jk… But seriously this amused me. I was amused enough with the Bieber tribute. And then the sunglass G6 transition just about killed me.

I also hunted around on iTunes a bit to see how popular Infinite was there. And their top song was something I had never heard of. “BTD”. Before the Dawn.  ….. ???? Ok…

No videos of just the dancing were released yet for “Be Mine”, so I decided to check out this mysterious song on iTunes. And goodNESS. I was blown away.

*I decided not to post the real MV due to its..slightly graphic nature… so here’s just the dance version. But in case you want to watch it, it gives the song much more…depth and meaning, I think. And the fighting is…not fake-looking? haha…:

OK, I was blown away until I heard their terrible English pronunciations, but ignore that (there are much worse examples) their dancing…enthralled me. WHAT? Tablo and Epik High don’t dance..what is this?? And being the overly-obsessed critique-r I am, I found a practice video of Infinite practicing this very dance.

WHAT. Why didn’t I know about these guys before? THEY’RE AMAZING. How can they all be this good at dancing?? I sat here trying to mimic their “Before the Dawnnnnn.. Before the dawnnn dance moves”..to no success, haha…

AND THE WEIRD MOONWALK/STAND UP THING TOWARDS THE END?? WHAT?? Can someone teach me how to do this??

Crazy emotions aside, one thing I do appreciate is that they don’t do one dance move in one direction and then make the very next one the same exact thing but in the other direction. -____-;;; That just looks cheap and annoys me to no end.

Woww I’m seriously rewatching it as I type this..even their fingers are in time.

I like practice vids and esp. live vids because they show what the artists can really or not really do. You can’t shake the camera around to hide mistakes or edit vocal mess-ups out. Everything is in one shot, all together. And with practice vids you can actually see the whole dance rather than having it zoomed in on certain people, etc.

After realizing they could dance like this, I went ahead and watched their live vids. And I came to another amazing conclusion. THEY CAN SING TOO. Like, REALLY WELL.


I’m telling you, their live performances SOUND JUST LIKE their recordings. I had to watch like 10 of them to confirm that they weren’t lip-synching in all of them…You can go check them out yourself. Just type in “Infinite BTD Live” in YouTube. I did find one cute little hiccup by one of the main singers during the climax, but he brushed it off like a boss. :P

Now I’m like, all curious as to who these guys are and why I never cared about them. So I pulled up pictures of them, and they’re all…not very attractive. I guess there’s this one guy that is the face of the group, a.k.a the best looking one, so I’ll post a picture of him:


His real name is Myung-soo, but he goes by the stage name “L”? His last name might be Lee so maybe that’s where he got it from? Haha, idk. But Myung-soo is kinda a common name so maybe that’s why he decided on L?

Stage names aside, I don’t think he’s that good-looking. He’s certainly better looking than the rest of them, but nothing like…screams out I’M RIDICULOUSLY GOOD-LOOKING AND I KNOW IT, BUT IT’S OK BECAUSE YOU KNOW IT TOO to me. And I watched a variety show with him as a guest. Let me tell you, this boy is AWKWARD. Like… he has such a hard time talking normally on camera. Or most likely in general. His talking is…very…painful to listen to. Ok, I don’t want to hurt any of L’s fan’s feelings out there, but this boy is AWKWARD. And he talks like out of the side of his mouth. Which you fans might find endearing. I just find it uncomfortable.

Makes me feel a little bit better knowing that God IS fair. He made him the best looking but the most awkward. Haha…

Here’s another picture:


He certainly doesn’t look that awkward. Not a huge fan of the guyliner, but this pic has a clear view of his face.

The other members are mostly..meh. But one of them REALLY stands out. His absolute prettiness really stands out.


Seriously, this kid is prettier than me. And his voice sounds exactly the way he looks. Even his scream is higher-pitched than mine. Well, I guess he’s trying to portray a…manlier image? Haha… Oh dear…

This kid is the blondie in the Bieber/G6 vid. Pretty much sums everything up.

There is one kid though, had I seen him in Korea, I would have definitely not even given him a second look. This kid looks so normal, it’s not normal.


This is the best picture I could find of him. But seriously, look at him! He looks totally normal. Like what a real Korean teenager should look like… So why, or rather, how is he a celebrity?? I ask this in a totally nice, positive tone, I promise.

One last thing I like about them is how they act. I’m currently watching a variety/reality show of them, and they’re all really goofy and none of them take themselves too seriously. Maybe since they’re still entertainment noobies, but it’s actually pretty amusing. Entertaining and organic. They care about their image, but not enough that it’s always on their mind. They come across as normal guys. Normal guys who just got lucky. And who want to have some fun. Like for example, the guy above pranked his fellow members by injecting VINEGAR into bananas…. BAHAHAHAH… Who thinks of that. Seriously. Wow.


*This is one thing Big Bang isn’t that good at. It’s not that they’re awkward around each other, it’s that they can’t entertain just amongst themselves. They’re too big of celebrities now I think. But they are awesome, nonetheless.

That’s all I really had to say about Infinite… and that I’ll most definitely be looking into their songs in the future! Hopefully they stay this refreshing and innovative. I’ll just leave you here with one last MV by them that I again, totally overlooked when it came out. Repetitive chorus yes, but very un-nauseatingly cute and simple. Ok, a little over-the-top on the cute, but I didn’t cringe too much…


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