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Since school has officially finished, I will try to…revive this blog. Again. For someone who’s an English major, I don’t write nearly as much as I need to. At least writing in the sense that people will enjoy what I write. In the past 30 days I’ve written about…35 pages worth of essay. Yea. Time to write about something fun.

But before I start, another tribute to my girls 2NE1. Their single “Lonely” came out today, and I’ve hit the repeat button at least like…idk…75 times.

But back to the WordPress daily topics. Out of the 123 topics posted, I’ve used about three of them. So here goes number 4 and 5.

#120: Who annoys you more, Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga?


I think the question here really should be: Who am I afraid of more? Lady Gaga or JBieb’s crazy fangirls?

But I have blogged about Lady Gaga before, so I’m sure more than one of you are familiar with how I feel about her.

Let’s start with Justin Bieber.

Does he annoy me? Kind of. It annoys me how I know he’s like only a year younger than me but he looks like he’s 12. It kind of scared me a little when I went to both Korea and CHINA and found his crazy asian fangirls. Yes, he is popular in China. Yes, it did freak me out to see a 4′ by 4′ picture of his face in a shopping mall in Seoul. But despite my fear from before, he has grown on me. Yes, I said it. He has grown on me. No, I am NOT implying in any form or fashion that I am a self-proclaimed “Belieber” but I don’t look at him with shame or disgust. Now it’s just…like a “Hey, JBeibs” and that’s it? Maybe? I fully blame my mother for this. My mom –and my dad for that matter– are intrigued by Justin, and so my mother made it a point to watch Never Say Never with me. Hey my mom paid for it, I wasn’t going to turn that down. The movie definitely made him more endearing to me. It reminds you that he is still a child. A child that likes to scream and steal bubble gum and eat pizza.

Although I secretly think he’s 12, so my noona-sense comes into play, i.e., my noona-sense making me want to bake him cookies. And watch him eat the cookies that I bake for him.

But besides that, Justin Bieber, not too terribly annoyed. If his fangirls start like, trollin’ around gettin’ in my way, then JBiebs is going to have to do something about it.

Lady Gaga on the other hand, scares the living daylights out of me.

Whatever happened to her “normal” poker face/just dance days?? I understand she wants to be a trendsetter, and I believe she believes she has something to offer up that no one in their right mind has ever even conceived before, but there is a limit to creativity that turns into just freakiness. For example, no one was born with prosthetic horns coming out of their shoulders and forehead, along with being born out of an egg. That’s just weird. No, you were not born that way. I appreciate the fact that she is refusing to follow in other people’s footsteps, but when you’re setting a trend of people believing God made them with prosthetic horns growing out of their shoulders and foreheads born out of eggs, we have problems here. I exaggerate, but you understand my gist.

The woman is only…24? I think? 24 or 25. SO INCREDIBLY YOUNG. For someone who has this much power in the world, she wields it in a very interesting way. With prosthetic horns on her shoulders and forehead. In case you can’t tell, I am not a big fan of the prosthetic horns on the shoulders or forehead.

But enough about Lady Gaga.

To conclude: both Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga scare me. The End.

Topic #119: What is the story behind your given name?


Ok, this’ll be interesting.

For you guys that know me, my name is Kristyan. Pronounced like “Christian” but spelled like Kristy-anne.

So here is what happened: I have an older sister, and my parents found out her gender before she was born. But even before they did that, my mom decided that if my sister was going to be a boy, he would be named Justin. And if she was going to be a girl, Justine. Makes perfect sense.

So my sister turned out to be a girl (probably better for her, if I had an older brother I’d pull out the aegyo card like, all the time).

But when my mom was pregnant with me, they thought it would be better to find out what gender I was after I was born. So they decided on the name “Christian” thinking that I would be a boy. Well, I turned out to be a girl. So my mom decided to change the spelling to make it look more like a girl’s name.

English is my mother’s second language.

I have been called pretty much everything.

Kristy-anne, Kristy-YON, Kry-stian (perhaps they were envisioning kryptonite??), Kris-JOHN (I’m not even kidding someone called me this for like, a year. If you were there when this happened to me, you’re probably laughing hysterically right now).

But weird spellings or pronounciations aside, I like my name. I also like to ask people what name they think I look like seeing how my name is anything but conventional.

Again, I’ve gotten pretty much anything.

Bethany, Anne, Olivia (???WTH???), Maggie, etc.

And I always thought my name was so original and that my mom was a genius. And then in preparation for this post I googled my name. There are actually a handful of people that share my name:

1) A Mexican child actor. Kristyan Ferrer.

2) A bloody movie-makeup artist. Kristyan Mallett. He did Lord Voldie’s makeup for like, all 7 of the HP movies. I’m not even kidding. I googled his face, and I got pictures of Lord Voldie. So I freaked thinking that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named had the same real first name as me. It made me feel a little better finding out that I actually share a name with the guy who does his makeup. Awesome.

3) A children’s book… critic? Kristyan Williams. This Kristyan really likes Esperanza Rising and Falling Leaves: The Memoir of an Unwanted Chinese Daughter. Bonus points for this Kristyan. I like Esperanza Rising and Falling Leaves too!

So yea. I guess my mom isn’t that original. Hahaha…

I think this concludes my answer to Topic #119.

So as for the main picture that obviously drew your attention to this post, 49일 (49 days).

This is the first drama in like three years that I’ve actually kept up with. Yoo Seung-ho’s Flames of Desire got wayyyy to complicated. Too many conflicts, too many romantic attractions, wayyy too many bastard children, etc. And YSH’s part was getting smaller and smaller. I’m not going to sit through 55 minutes of angst, lost love, disinherited children, etc. to see like 5 minutes of his face. -_________-;; OBVIOUSLY, these show writers have no idea what their watchers actually want to see… hahah.

As for 49일. I actually really like this.

It has a very interesting plot, interesting as in, this show would probably be successful only in Korea.

A princess-like, spoiled yet very kind girl, Ji-hyun, is almost killed in a massive pile-on-pile car wreck started by a woman who was trying to commit suicide, Yi-kyung. So Ji-hyun is in the spirit world, her body in a hospital in a vegetative state. For Ji-hyun to live again, she must successfully make three people cry tears of true love and true sincerity for her within 49 days. But Ji-hyun is able to “use” Yi-kyung’s body during the day, i.e. possess her, and find these three people.

Sounds kinda trippy, like I said, this would only work with Koreans, but it makes for a very, very, very, interesting storyline. Ji-hyun’s fiance turns out to be a cheater who schemed with Ji-hyun’s bffl to take down Ji-hyun’s dad’s company. And a friend that grew up with Ji-hyun turns out to be in love with her, and he finds out her 49 day secret and tries to help her. And Yi-kyung’s dead lover becomes an angel of death. Who calls himself a “scheduler”. All while the father battles a brain tumor.

Confusing, yes.

But seeing how this plotline is probably a lot less intricate that most other kdramas: two girls are mixed at birth and grow up in different households only to find that once they realize one of them moves to American where 10 years later the families hate each other, someone is disinherited, someone gets cancer, someone loses their eyesight, and usually the grandmother or grandfather passes away. Or loses their memory.

Even more confusing, yes.

Nigahiga did a YT video about Korean dramas. You should watch it.

OMG I need to end this post. I’ve missed how fun writing blog posts was. Hopefully another one soon.

If I can find something to make fun of.


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