Newbie group: Geeks. Thoughts, etc.

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How cute are they??

I’m pretty exclusive about my kpop groups. Exclusive as in, Big Bang and 2NE1 are my lifeblood. Anything beyond them pretty much automatically takes some effort for me to accept and *gasp maybe even like.


Big Bang and 2NE1 are most definitely the only groups I will buy music from with my own money. I own both 2NE1 CDs, and am currently working on getting my hands on Big Bang’s new CD, Tonight. WASSSUPPPPPP love it.

Maybe I’ll blog a review on here sometime. I found an article about BB’s success. Totally agree. Take a look. LINK

With the 2930498646 new teenie-bopper groups coming out practically daily, I tend to disregard any blog posts I see on new groups. I first heard about this group (Geeks) from the usual, I ignored it just like any of their other glittery, leopard-encrusted, plastic-surgeried counterparts. They just didn’t grab my attention. Their name seemed too commonplace, and their image seemed too boring. But one thing that did strike me was that they were not that good looking… could be a good or bad thing. Good in that they truly are talented individuals and not chosen just for their good looks. Bad in that…they’re not that good looking. Here’s the article they were in. LINK

But I heard about this group again on facebook. One of my friends commented to another friend how they wanted to make a cover of this group’s debut song. Which is a cover of another song. I’m usually pretty skeptical about covers of other songs, as most do not compare to the original by any stretch of the imagination. (Excluding David Choi, as his covers are generally ridiculously better than the originals–not that an original about catching a grenade or taking a bullet straight through the brain will make for a groundbreaking song), but this friend, (L, if you’re reading this, you are most likely the sole reason as to why I’m obsessed with Geeks now), knows her kpop very well, and for her to take interest in this group made me interested.

So I decided to go ahead and brave this new group.

The verdict?


These boys just might join the ranks of Cover Master David Choi in my book…

If you’re not into the whole dramatic Korean music video scene, skip to 1:00.

After watching this MV, and listening to this song about 295 times, they have grown on me. Like, seriously.

They give off this vibe that…eludes cuteness, but seriousness. Talent, for sure. Rapping in Korean is not easy. Rapping in English is not easy. But I find this enjoyable.  You have to be real though; they are not the best looking Korean male celebrities. Have you seen Kim Soo-hyun??


Oh my gosh, I have to stop before I get carried away. He’s like my new Kim Bum. Except this time he’s actually a man. :P

Dream High season 2, (re)draft this individual. You will forever become my favorite kdrama. At least make him have a cameo.

But speaking of KSH, HE’S MAKIN’ A COMEBACK. In something of a Korean version of Oceans 11. So not only is Oceans 11 like, one of my all-time favorite movies, but my man –of the moment– is going to be in it! Playing something akin to Matt Damon’s character. It’s a swoon waiting to happen I tell you, a swoon. Proof –> LINK

Anyways, back to the real purpose of this post.

Now that Geeks have caught my attention, I will be following them. For the time being. Their other songs sounds promising –not quite as promising as “Officially Missing You”– but promising nontheless.

Definitely different that mainstream kpop. And for good reasons. They look a little funky. They sound a little funky. And they definitely make me happy on the inside. Nice going, nice going Geeks. Will they be my next Big Bang? Highly doubt it. But they will make for a nice little filler whenever I want some relax rapping, jazzy style, etc. :D


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