Foolish Teeth?

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I had my wisdom teeth extracted from my mouth today. All 4 of them.

The experience was not like anything I have done before. I went in for a check-up yesterday, x-ray, etc, and I was able to see those suckers growing out whichever way they wanted to.

In God’s infinite wisdom and glory and knowledge, there are just some things in life my mind cannot comprehend. PMS being one thing, wisdom teeth another. In God’s infinite knowledge of our bodies and how they work –He created them, for crying out loud– I don’t understand the purpose of wisdom teeth. The people way back when didn’t really have any good way of removing them –as they most likely had larger problems on their hands– but how did they deal with them? Were they actually useful back then? Did something alter human DNA to make them grow all wack-o like crazy people? WHYYY are they called wisdom teeth? I don’t feel any less or more wise now.. I need to start making a list of these things for when I get to heaven…

My surgery was scheduled for 9AM this morning, and we go in, fill in the last paperwork, etc. I don’t think I was nervous…maybe excited? Excited that this would be my excuse to sit on the couch all day and finally finish Dream High?

Photobucket GAHHHH they KEEL ME with their adorableness. I tell you, they KEEL ME.

Excited that maybe now I’m forced to go on a diet with my limited food options? Definitely inhaled a 24oz green tea milkshake. This diet ain’t goin’ NOWHERE.

Or maybe excited that my face may actually get smaller?? 4 wisdom teeth the size of –perhaps even larger than– my normal molars? If I don’t see any change after my swelling goes down, i’m going to smack someone.

Anyways, I step into the operating room, they take my blood pressure, stick an IV in my arm, Katy Perry is on the radio, life is good.


I remember laying back, someone taking my glasses and telling me to relax…

And then…someone is smacking me on my face telling me to wake up.


I don’t even remember closing my eyes. WHATTT. Dude. K.O. No joke. It was a knock-out. I expected to doze off or so for a few minutes, NO. NOTHING LIKE THAT. I was GONE. Like, on another planet gone. It was so…WEIRD.

The even weirder thing was that I woke up in another room, on a different chair. After the surgery they must’ve…carried me or something. What an awkward thought. I can just imagine the doctors and nurses grumbling about having to do this… They were probably like.. “MANNNN this girl is so short and small, but she weighs SO MUCH.” Sorry guys. :P Heh. I wonder if they’ve ever dropped someone. The person wakes up with their mouth hurting and their leg hurting too.

“Why does my leg hurt?”
“Oh, well, because we had to inject….kdoeinsgniodine into your leg…so you would…be in less pain.”

I barely even remember waking up too. I just remember trying to muster enough energy to ask the lady if I could see my extracted teeth. They threw them away.
-______-;; I wanted to take a picture, I was so proud.

And I think I rode a wheelchair? And my mom had to pull the car up…somewhere? And someone telling me to watch my head…

And then I remember my mom handing me a 24oz green tea milkshake and a spoon into my hand. And life was good.

And then it disappeared.

I want another one.

OHMYGOODNESS. I can barely open my mouth. I can barely fit a spoon between my lips. So when my mom was watching me eat, not only could I not fit the spoon between my lips, but my whole mouth was so numb that I couldn’t even feel if I missed my mouth. How embarrassing. I wish I could be home for my sister’s surgery. Potential blackmailing material.

It still hurts to open my mouth, but I endured it long enough to catch a glimpse of the stitches. O.O GROSSSS…

Hopefully they don’t…come undone or something… ewww.

My bffl called me last night to see if I was ready, etc. She told me that the pain meds they prescribed for her made her super nauseous, so she took her dad’s morphine pills. HAHAHA….. I love her.

On a lighter note, I took a risk. I bought my first pair of converse high-tops. For all you people who have heard me talking about wanting a pair, I FINALLY did it.


I made the poor guy search the back of the store for like 20 minutes looking for a green pair. No, I didn’t want the red ones or the black ones, thanks.

Any tips on how to lace them? I know you shouldn’t lace them to the top –goodness knows my legs are already short enough as they are– but the laces they give you seem…too long? So maybe I’ll scout out Walmart and see if I can make them work… :D I know high-tops are not meant for people with short, stubby legs (CASE IN POINT) but someone told me that since I’m Korean I can pull off anything. :P So I’m going to try.

Side note: my mom tried to explain to my grandpa that I had my wisdom teeth removed and he had no idea what that meant. So my grandma is put on the phone and she reminded my mom what wisdom teeth are in Korean:

사랑니. Love Teeth. :P

So I guess I’m going to see some Korean in heaven asking God why these extra teeth are called love teeth.

Song of the day:
My favorite song by Big Bang’s new album!!!!


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