Mary chrismas and Heppy New yere.

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After a fabulous week in the incredibly dreary yet endearing Pacific Northwest, it is time for me to come home. And I apologize for posting my Christmas Eve post like, two hours ago. I had internet in sparing quantities, and when it was available, I didn’t have my mac with me. :D So you get two posts in two days! I think this might be a record for me.

Happy New Year everybody! Let’s hope 2011 will be an even better year than 2010. Speaking of 2010, WHERE DID IT GO?

We met up with my uncle/fam for dinner a few days ago, and I listened intently as my cousin described his workplace. He seemed to excited and happy to work there, it made me happy and excited that he worked there.

I told him about my future dreams of becoming an editor or going into publishing, and he told me I should become artsy.

No one has ever told me to become artsy. Whenever I pictured artsy, I thought of flower children or granolas. I realize the terms hippie and artsy are not necessarily interchangeable. But as I thought about it, if I go into something like editing or publishing, I need to be in the author/style/genre loop. My reading background and prior knowledge of authors is, if anything, subpar, so I was inspired. I think. To be a good editor is to be a good writer, and to be a good writer is to be able to think outside the box.

Inner flower-child/granola/literatrician (I think I just made up a word) HERE I COME.

Cuz, if you’re reading this, I hope I didn’t misunderstand you.

After I met my cuz/fambam I flipped through about 50 Everyday with Rachael Rays, Good Housekeepings, Ladies Home Journals, Martha Stewarts, that my aunt graciously bestowed upon my sister and me, and I found a whole slew of articles about bloggers. And not the youtube bloggers who vlog about make-up, clothes, hair products, or making polymer clay cupcakes, but bloggers who blog about…dare I say…useful things?

Like up and coming eateries in cities, exclusive sales and specials in local stores, household fixes, traveling, etc.

My sister is like the travel agent of our family. Give her the Yelp! Application for iPhone, a car, some money, and she’s set for life.

I tried Yelp! for the city my college is in, hoping to find some obscure eatery that no one knows about that has amazing food. All that came up on Yelp! H.E.B., Walmart, Target, and Pei Wei. Places I am already familiar with. >.<

Aside from one really bad experience dealing with cherry-flavored bubble tea she decided to try 5 years ago, she’s had a good amount of success.

Needless to say, the rest of my family is not half as adventurous.

My role in the family is not quite as exciting. I’m just the family techie, if anything. And the reason I became that is because everyone else in the family refused to sit down and actually read the instructions to put something together. And if something is broken, I’m called in to sit there and press buttons until something happens.

And that somehow got translated into me putting together our IKEA furniture too. Unlike most young people my age, I hate IKEA furniture. At least putting it together. My mom bought me an IKEA dresser and tried to put it together without consulting me. The bottom panel is backwards.

But I can’t entirely blame my mom for that. The instructions are kinda complicated. And they skip steps thinking you got the idea. Which will leave you utterly confused and frustrated most of the time. But what I really don’t understand is how a whole bed or desk can fit in this tiny, tiny box. Now whenever we shop at IKEA, my parents have this no-more-than-5 pieces rule. For example, I bought a desk thingie from IKEA, and there are five parts. A table and four legs.  :D

This morning my grandparents had DirecTV installed in their house just to get 7 more Korean channels. As soon as the instruction manual was unpacked, it was handed over to me to read and try to explain to my grandpa how to use the remote. I predict a total of five different buttons will be used. On, Off, volume changer, channel changer. And maybe if they’re up to it, they’ll punch in whatever channel number Korean TV is.

Grandpa’ll probably ask me to set something else up the next time we go to Seattle.

Anyways, back to what I was talking about before this.

I consider my sister a well-rounded person, and as I get older, I can’t really live in my happy little world much longer.

I’m sure I’ve said this multiple times, but going to college has made me even more aware of the different kinds of worlds out there. More than even what I grew up with.

I want to be more connected with the world, understanding what’s going on, and being able to form my own opinion and thoughts about cultural/political/social issues. I’m most likely not going to be living in Texas when I’m older, and I don’t really want to. If anything, I’m open to not even living in the United States. But we’ll see about that.

My family has moved out-of-state 5 times, so I’ve been pretty exposed to the differences in class, landscape, and people since I was 5. But I think I was too young to be able to appreciate these differences. For example, when we lived in Virginia, we lived less than ten minutes from Washington D.C. but oh how I LOATHED trips to D.C. Every time a new family member visited, we did the usual 8-mile walking tour of all the monuments, the cherry blossoms, the museums, etc. After maybe the 12 or 13th time of doing this, I wanted to cry.

But now, I want to go back. I want to visit the monuments and the museums. We even picked leaves from the White House’s lawn! Well, my grandma did. She reached in right through the metal fence and picked up some of the leaves. The security guard probably saw her, but what are they going to go with an elderly Korean grandma?? If my dad did it, he would’ve probably gotten owned or something.

This reminds me of when my aunt caught my grandparents picking and stealing fern from the public park near their house, HAHA.

Hey, they were being resourceful. It’s not like the public was going to have any good use for the fern that was just growing there.

In the airport I saw this three or four year old girl carrying around this very realistic-looking baby doll. At first glance I was like, why are these parents making this toddler carry around her baby sister??

And then I saw the dolls face. *Shudder.

Some kids these days have the absolute strangest toys. I haven’t seen a Barbie in ages.

In case you were wondering where I got the title for this post, I visited my grandma’s older sister’s house, and someone from her church, a deacon I think, typed out this very nice, touching Christmas letter to her. And in his last efforts of kindness, he attemped to type out, in English mind you, “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” Obviously spellcheck was not anything of particular importance.

I laughed for a good ten minutes and showed it to every member of my family. My great-aunt didn’t understand what was so funny.

This post is definitely too long to keep you interesting. So I’ll end it here. With a little song. In the spirit of artsy-ness.

Clazziquai “Tell Yourself”


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The New Year. And its resolutions, etc. 1박2일 <3

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