The New Year. And its resolutions, etc.

December 31, 2010 at 4:18 PM 1 comment

OMG it’s been too long. I’m sorry. I feel like I’ve been saying this in every post I’ve written for the last 6 months or so. Anyways, I am currently sitting in a plane headed to Seattle. I already slept for 2/4 hours, so now I’m pretty fully functional.

Why not write a blog post.

But before I say anything,


This’ll be another start/stop in one sitting. Let’s go.

**note: this was written on the plane going to Seattle. I am currently in SeaTac airport about to board a plane back to Dallas. Haha.

I don’t typically set New Year resolutions, but perhaps if I document this year’s I’ll be more dedicated to live up to my word.

I’m about to have a whole slew of them –keep in mind I’m on a crowded airplane with nothing much better to do with my time– so brace yourselves.

1) Grow out my hair. And I mean, really grow it out this time. I realize my hair is at the awkward stage right now, as it has been for the past 6 months. But I am only now realizing what my hairdresser in Korea intended to design back in, oh…about the second week of August. -____-;;

And no more thinning my hair!!! Why do Korean hairdressers like thinning hair so much?? I don’t have an extreme amount to start with, but I always leave with a ponytail that contains like….5 strands of hair. Never again.

I’ve been pretty good about taking care of it. I predict it’ll be where I want it in..a year or so. Perfect timing.

For all you ladies out there, and gentlemen if you flow that way, I’ve been using this weird hair conditioner called Ojon. It’s kinda pricey, it smells like pipe tobacco, but IT WORKS MIRACLES. REALLY. I love it so much I’m actually beginning to like the smell…but seriously, check it out. It’s amazing. After I use it, I can’t even feel my hair, it’s that soft.

Sephora, Ulta, QVC, ebay, etc.

2) Get a 4.0. I did it this past semester, so it is possible. Granted, I wasn’t in any sciences, I was in Korean 1, and a math class equivalent to 8th grade pre-algebra, but it happened. This semester’ll be a tad bit harder (17 hours, here I come!) but I shall try and keep my study habits. Please try not to distract me otherwise. I’m on a mission.

Because I know after this semester, a 4.0 will be….it’ll be….hard. Heh.

I think my sister got a 4.0 too. No surprise there. But no one cared about that. JK. Hahaha. Love you, sis. And good job.

My sister called Grandma and told her about our grades. Her response?

“It has nothing to do with how you were raised or how well you studied. It is ONLY because of God’s grace!”

Amen! Jesus, please give me that grace this semester too. :D

*My dad is currently rocking out by himself to his iPod. Love my dad.

3) I will be thankful for what I have.

My family is blessed. I need to recognize that. More. Like, a lot more. No, I don’t need another pair of shoes, no I don’t need an iPhone 4 like my sister. -__-;;

The fact that I’m able to say what’s on my mind for the entire world to see should make me happy enough.

In that case, thanks for reading! :D

4) I will blog about things besides kdramas or kpop.

Aside from not having much free time/not much in the Korean entertainment conglomerates to blog about, other aspects of my life need breaking down and sharing. I know I try my best to amuse you guys and frankly, keep you guys reading, but I’m more interesting that what I blog about. I promise.

But don’t worry, I’ll still keep you guys updated on how I feel about certain dramas/groups/etc. Because you guys know how opinionated I can be.

5) I will watch a maximum of 2 dramas at one time.

I have actually been watching less dramas since going to college, but they’re still something of a distraction. *For those curious, I’m currently –seriously– watching Flames of Ambition (wassssuppppp Yoo Seung-ho!) and bits and pieces of High Kick Through the Roof for fun.

Flames of Ambition is still as crazy and unpredictable as it was in the first episode, and still just as captivating. Chaebol families were never so interesting.

I haven’t tried Secret Garden yet, but it looks fun. And my friends have said it’s fun. Flames of Ambition is supposed to have 50 episodes D: so I’ll see how long I’ll be interested.

Although Dream High is looking interesting too. Woo-young and IU AND Teac in a drama? Hmmmm… I’ll try it out!

And where’s that drama that Dae-sung is supposed to be in??? I was looking forward to that one too. Dae-sung and Kim Bum’s older brother from Boys over Flowers….?

6) More family time.

Now that all four of us are at home, we sometimes spend time alone, each with our own computers. And whenever the internet slows down, which has been happening a lot these days, I’ll usually hear this “HEY! WHY IS THE INTERNET SO SLOW?? WHO’S WATCHING DRAMAS??” And it’ll usually directed at me to stop streaming something and do something that requires less power. Like facebook. :D

When my dad and I went to New York a year or so ago, he bought me the airplane WiFi for fun. It worked decently well until I decided to stream a Korean drama. What was it? Hong Gil Dong or something. That didn’t work so well. Not only was it not loading in time, but I probably slowed down the WiFi for the entire plane, hahaha. If you were on that plane, I give my sincerest apologies. Never again will I try to stream a drama on a plane.

But seriously, we need to stop. My facebook can wait. My ebay bids? Speaking of which, I’m currently in the lead for an item that ended like an hour ago. Which I was on this airplane. And I’m probably not going to have internet for a few days upon arriving. (When am I going to post this?)

*Sigh. I guess I don’t need that Totoro doll I was winning. >.<

Or that ridiculously cheap Ojon that was only like..10 bucks. >.<

7) One last resolution. Keep my H2O contract. :D Hahaha. If you’re in the contract and you’re reading this, YOU BETTER HAVE THIS ON YOUR LIST TOO.

I’m glad I decided to do it. Maybe not for as long as we have made it, but still glad I decided to cut out soda from my diet. It was a little hard when my family was eating samgyupsal and I was the only one without sprite, but I survived. But for the next two days, I’m free to drink whatever I want!!! Yayy. But my grandparents don’t really drink soda. Or at least soda that I would like.

They have a lot of soymilk. And makgulli (Korean rice wine). Neither of which terribly stimulate my taste buds. In a good way. Oh my, Makgulli stimulates my taste buds. Oh yes, it does, haha.

Soda and sugary drinks like Snapple, Arizona tea, etc. I didn’t really drink much soda to start with, but I have noticed an improvement in my complexion and weight. Just by cutting out Snapple and Arizona tea. I used to drink at least one Snapple or Arizona tea a day! *Shudders.

8) Get more involved in clubs, projects, activities according to my major.

Looking back, I probably should have been more involved in high school. Band in itself was probably equivalent to something like 56 clubs, but perhaps I should have made more time for more variety.

So college is my second chance at a good resume, let’s do this!

The kid in the row in front of me was playing this trippy itunes visualizer. I was momentarily distracted, transfixed.

OK, I’m back.

I felt like I was being so productive by writing a blog post in this spare time, but I looked over and my sister’s reading a book. -____-;;

I think that’s my list. I don’t what else to write. I’ll come back to this list in a few months and check up on how I’m doing. :> Good-bye, list of New Year Resolutions.

*Hahaha, there’s an ad for a pop-up Christmas tree in the Sky Mall magazine. We could use that.


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Well, I guess everyone HAS to grow up sometime… Mary chrismas and Heppy New yere.

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  • 1. iamjameshan  |  January 1, 2011 at 9:45 AM

    Yes, less kdrama and kpop blogging. :)


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