Well, I guess everyone HAS to grow up sometime…

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Long time no see.

My apologies, really.

Truthfully, there have been two reason for me not writing. 1) I’m kinda busy. Believe it or not, college has a tad bit more work than high school. 2) There hasn’t really been many things that I felt compelled enough to write about. Nothing that has grabbed me and screamed “C’MON. YOU KNOW YOU’RE DYING TO WRITE OUT YOUR HEART ON THIS”.

Well, until today.

As you probably have already guessed, I’m a HUGE Yoo Seung-ho fan. Like, REAL, REAL BIG. He’s easily my favorite child –errr, young adult– actor. By far. It doesn’t really help either that he’s exactly 364 days younger than me. Don’t call me a creeper. You would react the same way if your favorite young(er) male celebrity was exactly 364 days younger than you.

Well, my favorite young(er) male actor is in a new drama, much to my –and undoubtedly 945702683046 other girls– dismay and at the same time, excitement. Dismay in that he’s 17 in real life but playing a 21-year-old who has a romantic relationship with someone eight years older than him. Excitement in that I’m pretty sure he will OWN this role and CLEARLY overshadow the female lead.

Regardless, this is always how I will envision him:


But yea. This is more of how the drama may end up looking:


*SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH X 904860284626548246


But of course, my curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to at least try his new drama.

Flames of Ambition

No, it’s not going to be a romantic comedy.

It’s not going to be another Playful Kiss or You’re Beautiful.

I’m thinking something along the lines of East of Eden smashed up with Tak-gu. But without cute, happy baking young people.

So I watched the first episode….







With 96% of dramas I’ve seen, whiplash occurs AT LEAST after 1/3 of the episodes have aired or so. OH NO.

Within 12 minutes, 12 MINUTES, I’m already glued to the screen, biting my pen, and yelling at my computer.


I compiled a list of all the crazy things that happened in the first 12 minutes:

1. Chaebol mom begging chaebol son not to marry a certain girl

2. Chaebol child yelling/crying in frusturation

3. Angry chaebol son angrily driving off in his undeserved sportscar probably thinking of killing himself

4. Betrayal

5. Bribes

6. Halfway of a death threat

7. Revelation of not real born children? Something like that.

8. Suicide by overdosage of sleeping pills (OHMAHGAWWWWWWWW)

I have never seen a suicide by hanging in a Korean drama. Perhaps Koreans are too refined to do such vulgar things to their bodies. At least with overdosing on sleeping pills you have the luxury of lying on a couch beautifully while you slowly die.


**To be completely honest, up to this point I had only watched the first 30 minutes of the episode. :>

The list of whiplash gets even longer.

The realllllyyyyyy slow internet in my dorm room is KILLING ME.

I’ll probably have to end up finish it/this post in the library. Bahaha.


So I ended up finishing this post at home. I should be studying for my two tests on Monday, but this seriously needs to be finished.

So I did finish the first episode. And as expected, it was a flashback.



I like it.

Not a lot, but enough to keep watching it.

Dang. I am so far behind.

Anyways, I hope all you readers out there haven’t completely forgotten about me.

I’m still alive. :> I promise.

And to prove it to you, here are some MV teasers for songs I’ve been liking lately. B2ST/BEAST’s steppin’ in up these days!

And this one’s just ridiculously cute:

Sarah or Lauren, if you’re reading this, I am most definitely liking Jun-hyung with the long hair sans eyeliner. :D


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Hello. I’ve missed you. Lots. The New Year. And its resolutions, etc.

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