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Oh Ha-ni, moh ha ni? :>

Pretty much every single post I’ve ever made on WordPress has taken multiple days/edits/pictures to finish.

So this post is going to start and be finished in one go. 12:58 PM. Let’s go.

So I thought I should actually do a college post. I’ve been here a good 3.5 weeks (already!?) and so I think I’ve gotten into my groove. I usually don’t post much about my life -in my blog hit counter the nonkdrama/kpop posts have gotten the least hits.

So I’ll try to make this interesting.

Here’s a fun little song I’ve been loving since Korea. Jo-kwon is someone who really grows on you. He used to freak me out -yes, he still kind of does- but I’m liking him -along with the rest of 2AM- more and more.

Let’s start with my classes.

I AM SO GLAD I’M NOT IN ANY SCIENCES. And for my major, I probably won’t have to be. :> Heh. heh. heh.

On campus there’s a HUGE science building where all the pre-med/bio/bio-pre-med/chem majors live. I’ve been in there once. To study for an hour. Because I have a class in the next building. HA. I felt smarter just sitting there.

I’m in Korean 1. Kind of a waste of my time/money. But seeing how there’s only one Korean prof. -well, something of a prof.- 1 and 3 are in the spring and 2 and 4 are in the fall. I definitely don’t have enough confidence in myself to start with Korean 3.

What she does is pair every Korean with a nonKorean. So we Koreans can tutor them with they have no idea what’s going on. For those who keep with with this blog, you know that my Korean is not very good. I’m not anywhere near fluent. Despite me taking a 10-week course at Seoul National University this summer. Which has helped me immensely. And I can probably do ok in level 2, but I didn’t want to wait. And I definitely still study my Seoul Nat. book and not my Korean-class textbook.

I was paired with a girl who came a week late to class. And has no prior knowledge of Korean. So here I am trying to simultaneously teach her the alphabet while listening to the prof. teach something random. And I think the prof’s beginning to have an understanding that my Korean is not as good as she thought it was. How do I know? When she asks questions, she definitely only calls on the nonKoreans to answer. But she started calling on me to answer too. How embarrassing. She calls on all the nonKoreans. And then she calls on me. AND I’M TRYING TO TEACH SOMEONE ELSE THE ALPHABET. I’m going to have to do something about this.

And I’m in a math class. PFFFT. I had a choice between the class I’m in and pre-cal. I definitely told my advisor to put me in whichever one was easier. I love being an English major. I’m pretty sure I’m in the absolute easiest math class offered here on campus. After this class I will never have to take a math class. Ever. For the rest of my life. J, J, and I definitely have too much fun in that class.

And I’m in some other, less-fun-to-make-fun-of-classes.

But after classes is where it’s really interesting.

So I joined this intervarsity group called AFC. Asians for Christ. I’m sure every uni has some form of this.

As usual, it’s like 70% Korean.

For some reason, Koreans just HAVE to ALWAYS be together.

I’m probably going to live with other Koreans in the future. I’m pretty sure I’ve never considered anything else. I miss bap…yukgaejang…soondubu…galbi…samgyupsal…OH MY. I NEED TO STOP.

One thing I love about AFC:

We are so easily amused. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that we don’t really party, we’re always with each other, and we have similar tastes.

Example: Last night we were in someone’s apartment, and we had a deck of cards. After a few hours of fascinating card tricks -me being the recipient of most of them :>- someone says, “LET’S PLAY INDIAN HIGH CARD.”

I knew what high card was. I didn’t know what Indian high card was. What you do is you grab a card and without looking at it, stick it on your forehead. You can’t see your own card, but you can see everyone else’s. And then using everyone else’s cards, you bet with them on who has the higher card. We bet a number of finger-to-arm slaps. Korean style. And then after all bets are made, everyone looks and sees their own card. And if you lose, you become the recipient of however many slaps you decided on.

We definitely played this for at least an hour. And it was definitely pretty intense. And many welts were left. I wasn’t hit that hard so I don’t have any bruises. But I’m sure some of the guys still can’t feel their arms.

Warning: Koreans have punishments for everything. Either two-finger arm-slaps or middle-finger flick-to-forehead (THESE HURT) or writing your name with your butt. I’m not even kidding. These three punishments are pretty much universally used amongst Koreans. I have never met Koreans who didn’t do/know about these.

I’ve always wondered why only Koreans do the butt name-writing punishment. No other ethnicity I know partakes in this. Maybe it has something to do with the Korean language being written with straight lines and circles? Idk. Here’s my Korean name as an example: 은혜. And my sister’s Korean name: 지현. So maybe it’s easier to do? Hm…

Mafia -the card game- also seems to be the game of choice amongst AFCers. I definitely thought this was a little kid thing until I came here. Since being here I’ve definitely played it at least 30 times. It’s more fun when people are good at it. And when these really good people really get into it.

I’ve been a mafia a ridiculously unproportionate number of times. I was made to be the mafia. I’m sure somewhere in my ancestry one of my uncles or great-grandpas was a don. It’s fun when you’re the mafia.

Here’s a little story to finish this post. I’m almost falling over, I’m so tired. I need a nap. It’s only 1:41. Oh mah goodness.

So yesterday, some people were showing me card tricks. And this one guy comes over, I won’t say his name, but let’s just call him Grandpa Glasses, had this card trick he wanted to show us.

He had me pick a card and look at it, then stick it back into the deck.

He shuffled it a few times and then threw the deck on the ground, and one card landed face up.

It was my card.

And he was just as surprised as the rest of us.

It actually worked. Out of the 50-something number of cards in a deck, that one card just happened to land right-side up. HAHAHAHA. It was awesome. But what made it funnier was how Grandpa Glasses was just as surprised as the rest of us. And he tried it again. It failed.


The End.

1:48 PM. Finish.


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