Life Lessons Korean Dramas Have Taught Me. Lesson #4

September 10, 2010 at 3:54 PM 2 comments


Goodness Kim Hyun-joong is so pretty. I wish I was half as pretty as him.

Lesson #4: Opposites attract.

I really think people who are too similar would have a hard time together. People who are the same can be really good friends. (DUBU). But if you’re exactly the same, you’re bound to get tired of each other. To get tired of yourself. But if you have someone who’s the complete opposite of you…yes you may get tired of them, but at least it won’t be like you’re living with yourself.

I know exactly what kind of person I need to find. I need someone who is the polar opposite of me. In other words, a quiet, kind person who puts up with my sarcastic remarks and tells me I’m too mean. :> Shouldn’t be too hard to find, eh?

Lesson #4

I definitely had to pause here to watch 2NE1’s new MV “Clap Your Hands”. Epic.


Not my favorite song from all the ones I’ve heard, but a rockin’ MV.

Saw a comment I liked:

“It’s nice seeing girls actually wearing clothes for a change.” HAHA. TRUE DAT.

That’s definitely a reason why I like 2NE1 so much. They’re not out to attract male fans. They’re out to…be awesome. 70% female fanbase FTW.


If I could be in any kpop group, it would most definitely be 2NE1.

And did anyone else notice Minzy’s GUNS??? That girl is buff. I like it.

And in case you were wondering, I definitely sacrificed my break time tomorrow to do this post now. :> I had the option of reading one more essay or working on this. What do I do? I print out the essay to read the break before class so I can get started on this post. Hehehe. True blogger.

*UPDATE: currently sitting in library updating post. Finishing this post in one sitting was definitely a fail. And I have to leave like, now. So finishing this post in two sittings was definitely a fail. Why do I invest so much time into this? Well. Because it’s fun. Haha.

SO back to Lesson #4.

And my drama focus of the day:

Playful Kiss


For those who didn’t know, Playful Kiss is a remake of a Taiwanese drama called It Started With a Kiss.


I am proud to say that I watched the Taiwanese original drama –with my mother’s urging- and I THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. Out of all the dramas I have ever seen in my entire life, it definitely ranks in my top…6. Considering how many dramas I have actually watched, I would consider this an incredible feat.

It was ridiculously adorable. Like, ridiculously. And ridiculously well pulled off. By everyone. Good story, great acting on the girl’s part -Joe Cheng, I’m sorry but you need to work a little bit on your happy acting. Cold and mean you have down pat, but nice and happy looks a little strained- and everyone for the most part was positive.


Of course you had your snooty, annoying, princess who decides to ruin the whole story, but she plays a really small part, and it’s funny to watch her. Not a Gumiho I-hate-you-get-off-my-computer-screen-or-else role. And no one hates each other. No misunderstood ex’s. No family inheritances to worry about. No conflicted chaebol  -ok, the guy is a little conflicted, but his parents make up for that- children…etc. A happy, feel good drama.

And it even came out with a sequel They Kiss Again. I watched it. It was cute. Not as cute as the first one, but still cute. Although the random age jumps accompanied with change of cast of the main guy’s little brother creeped me out.

So of course when I heard Boys Over Flower’s producing company Group 8 was behind this, I was a little skeptical.

And seeing how much I loved the original drama, it made me even more skeptical.

So I watched the first episode a little too cautiously, ready to support the original in case anything backfired.

Did it blow me away? No. But did I watch episode 2? Yes.
And episode 2 was a marked improvement.

So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. I almost forgot I have an actual purpose to this post.


1) Oh Ha-ni


So this girl is the absolute definition of FREAKING ADORABLE. She pulls off the cute, dumb yet hard-working girl who just tries hard in everything and enjoys life. Which seems like a complete 180 from what she played in her last drama.

A psychotic younger sister who shoots and kills a man.



Yea, I know. Didn’t really see that coming.

So I think this drama will be good for this girl. Going from playing a crazy person to playing a crazy-cute person. I like it.


2) Baek Seung-jo


I didn’t like him in Boys Over Flowers. At all. His hair bothered me. His bad acting bothered me. His womanly-beautiful face bothered me. His weird past bothered me.

So I went into this new drama trying to get rid of some of my negativeness toward him.

His performance so far is an improvement. Granted, he’s said like 10 words in 2 episodes, but I can believe his acting.

He’s somewhat of a conflicted chaebol child. But no worries, his daddy loves him very much. And his mommy too. Who knows how he ended up like this.

I love his mom. Greatest mom ever.

Baek Seung-jo is a genius, and he’s something of a celebrity at the high school that him and Oh Ha-ni both attend. He’s ranked number 1 in the class –he appears to have a perfect record– and is the object of many a girl’s affections. Including Ha-ni. Who has harbored a crush on him for like…3 years. Even though on the outside he may seem perfect, on the inside he’s going through a classic “I don’t know why I’m here on earth…life seems useless” and he doesn’t try anything.

Ha-ni is pretty much the polar opposite of Seung-jo. She lives with her daddy:


Who owns a noddle restaurant, and is as happy as can be. She may not know what her purpose in life is yet, but she’s in no hurry to find out. She loves her life, and wouldn’t trade it for the world.

And then an earthquake takes out Ha-ni’s house.

And her dad’s bff invites Ha-ni and her father to live with them.

And guess who is her dad’s bff’s son?


Seriously, who would have thought of a plot like this. Now THIS does not happen in everyday life. Taiwanese people are so creative.

So now the smart-mouthed genius and the cute-happy girl are under one roof. And hilarity ensues.

And she has a friend named….


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. And she looks like her too!!!

That’s all I’m going to give away for now. I’m not sure if Group 8 will stick to the original plotline, but if they do, we’re in for a treat. Please don’t butcher the original too much. Please.

So now that I have that covered. Let’s look at why opposites attract.

In nearly every drama that has the annoying second lovers who are part of the broken, dysfunctional love triangles that seem to almost finish with the main guy –why is it always with the guy?? girls just must be more loyal or something– but a trend I noticed was that the girls the main guy almost always ends up with is a girl that’s just like him.


Let’s take a look at the original It Started With a Kiss…

I do not remember what their names were in the drama. I don’t think I could correctly say their names. So let’s go with their real names. Joe and Ariel. I’m not even kidding.


Sorry for the cruddy quality. Definitely taken off of with mac grab. Two quality-destroying weapons. But you can see how cute the girl is. With the little boy who plays Joe’s little brother. Who acts exactly like him. Just a little cuter.

And here’s the Korean version of the little brother. Yes. He is the cutest little kiddo ever. He just might overshadow Hyun-joong in looks for me.


So Joe secretly likes Ariel, but he doesn’t quite understand how to show that to her –of course– so she’s left confused. And he tries to reason with himself and marry a girl that a) would help his dad’s company if he married her. So cliche, I know. b) is ridiculously smart. Just like him. and c) came from the same socio-economic background as him.

So they may seem compatible on the outside, but we all know he doesn’t want to end up with someone just like him. Life’s too boring that way. Everything is so predictable.

So we get this crazy girl who is his complete opposite, and she what? She completes him. Groundbreaking.

I have nothing else to say. Haha.

They definitely made a reference to/said “Lady Gaga” in episode 3. I wonder if Lady Gaga knows about this.

Except that this post has taken me 4 days and 11 edits to finally finish. Now 12 edits.

It’s parents’ weekend here. My parents don’t even know about it.

My one experience with open house.

I was in 4th grade. It was in like December or January.

And my dad went by himself. And he didn’t know whose class I was in. So he had to ask all the teachers if I was in their class.


My family’s not too keen on things like meeting other parents. Or teachers.



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  • 1. Tim  |  September 10, 2010 at 5:37 PM

    2ne1 hot hot ….omg so embarassing but neways..
    p.kiss is so nice i might just watch the tai version. eheheh and dont worry about finding the right guy, you will. im still looking for my gumiyo :D

  • 2. nokcha_icecream  |  September 11, 2010 at 12:56 PM

    tehehehe. :>
    if i ever find one, i’ll be sure to tell her you’re looking.


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