Life Lessons Korean Dramas Have Taught Me. Lesson #3.

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Lesson #3: There is nothing new under the sun.

Usually when a kid has a major crisis ie, they failed their math test, first crush rejected them, etc, they go running to their parents. At least they should. When they burst out in tears in front of mom or dad, usually the parental figure will hug them and say, “It’s ok, don’t cry, you’ll do better next time.” Or, “Don’t worry about it bud, I’m sure she’ll come around sometime…” And the kid leaves feeling all better about life and ready to reconquer whatever task they had originally failed at.

I would also run to my parents -for the most part- if I had some major crisis in my life as a child. But instead of telling me I’ll get it next time, or not to worry because it wasn’t that important, they would set me down -both mom and dad- and look me in the eyes and tell me: There is nothing new under the sun.

In case you were wondering, it’s from Ecclesiastes. :>

I’ve always known what that meant, but until recently, I didn’t really understand how impactful that statement was. There is nothing, absolutely nothing new under the sun. Every issue, situation, story has been played out before. Perhaps not exactly the same way it may be going now, but someone, somewhere, sometime has felt the same way you are feeling now.

Translation: “Stop being so dramatic. You’re not that special.”

Lesson #3

It’s gotten so difficult to write my posts these days. I need like, complete silence and complete isolation -yay library!- for me to finally get my thoughts organized and typed out. I just heard this scream in the dorm hallway and now my writing zone has gotten all out of whack.


So going back to nothing being new under the sun…this has become like…my life motto.

If you think about it, it can either be the greatest piece of encouragement, or the greatest insult. I use it both ways. :>

I remember I was quoting someone -and this is a GREAT time to not remember who it was, or more importantly what he said- but I thought it was really interesting and useful. Something about saving money.

My mom’s response?

“Why should he get credit for that? It was obviously his mom who told him that.”

Ahhh, the minds of mothers. I shall never fully understand until I have my own children.

This quote combined with this YT vid is the source of inspiration for this post. Enjoy:

“…and then somebody dies.”

HAHAHA. So true.

Granted, there are many Korean dramas with love-story plots that make almost absolutely no sense. Does this remind you of…oh I don’t know, my FIRST “Life Lessons Korean Dramas Have Taught Me”??? But the show writers -they amaze me, they really do- manage to somehow pull a story out of who-knows-where, and people actually watch it. And people actually enjoy what they watch. I being one of them.

But no matter what drama you watch, there are going to be elements that simply HAVE to repeat themselves. Yes, the Hong Sisters (check my last post) have managed to, for the most part, sort of cross into uncharted territory. They’re writing about a gumiho that was trapped in a painting and is now in love with a dorky human for cryin’ out loud. But even with the Hong Sisters’s drama-writing amazingness, they themselves have repeating aspects in their stories.

So for all of you in your sappy relationships, or if you’re being overly dramatic about how no one understands you because no one is going/went though what you’re going through… here’s my bit of advice/insult. THERE IS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN.


The nice guy who is first to like the girl, but is overshadowed by the cocky lead who slowly falls for the girl -and makes her miserable along the way- and leaves the first guy with almost nothing even though he was at least a halfway decent guy.

“It’s always the first kiss, never the first love that works out in Korean dramas.”

I’m sure you guys out there can relate.

Culprit #1: Shining Inheritance


Seriously, for like at least 85% of the show I was rooting for the nice, second guy -left, holding flowers- to get the girl. This really isn’t suppose to happen. In real life, I would have seriously smacked her and been like, “WTH IS WRONG WITH YOU!”

But this isn’t real life, so I should just…yea..

But I felt so bad for this guy. He was such a nice guy! I’d fall for anyone like him.


Essentially what he did was go extremely out of his way to help the main girl when she was kicked out by her evil step-mother. He supported her financially, emotionally, and he helped her find her missing brother. But the lead guy eventually found the brother. Darn you show, why did you have to make Seung-gi the lead. And the second, nice guy quietly stepped out of the picture when he realized she had feelings for someone else. WHY.

Here’s another one where I wouldn’t have minded if the second guy got the girl.

Culprit #2: You’re Beautiful


Another one of those, the guy-is-so-nice-and-sweet-and-gentlemanly-but-for-some-stinkin’-reason-the-main-girl-HAS-to-end-up-with-the-cocky-jerk.


Well, in this drama, a girl disguises herself as her twin brother and takes his part in a boy band because he has to recover from some super secret surgery. And of course, she’s easily found out. Well, at least by 2/3 of the other band members.

And the second guy finds out first, simply from observing her actions and her physical -facial- features. The main cocky lead finds out by overhearing a conversation. What a cheater.

In this scene, he’s following her around Myeongdong -she’s disguised as her normal self, haha- and he’s telling her -in an incredibly adorable way- where to go sightsee, eat, etc. And he’s secretly paying for all her food, and he pays for half of her clothing telling the sales person to tell her that “there’s a huge sale just for her.” !!! SO KAYOOOOOOOOOOT.

Anyways, he tries to confess his feelings for her multiple times, but everytime she somehow finds herself ditching him and hanging out with the main guy. And he also kinda quietly removes himself from the picture when it’s clear she doesn’t like him.


Culprit #3: Cinderella’s Sister

I shouldn’t even have to say anything about this. This was just whack.


What the heck did the main guy do?? (This isn’t the main guy in case you were wondering. In fact, all the picture’s I’ve posted are of the second guy.) The main guy DIDN’T DO SQUAT. Well, I did finish past episode like 12 or 14 or whatever it was purely by’s recaps (thanks dramabeans!) but I can still get the gist of the story. And my gist says the lead did absoltuely nothing. And he gets the girl. Please tell me how this logic makes sense.

Every single drama, maybe except like the ancient-Korea styled ones -oh wait, in Dong-yi the second lead is the second guy from Shining Inheritance. And the main girl from Shining Inheritance is Dong-yi! And he’s really nice but she loves someone else. Their love was never meant to be. Sorry, bud.

Most of the time they turn into jerks -“Why can’t you see I’m the better guy for you!? Why must it be this jerk?!?!”- but on rare occasions the show writers decide to tug at your heart and tear it into pieces when he’s ultimately rejected and he still manages a weak smile just because he likes the girl that much. What a sad life.

But, with every sad -or initially sad- second male role, there’s this over-the-top annoying second girl role that is not entirely necessary to the story, but is a character that everyone loves to hate.


That girl that was the main cocky guy’s first crush who at first rejected him, but now seeing that he has a new woman in his life becomes the ultimate brat and tries to pull them apart with her newfound, “Oh, he’s not giving me his undivided attention. I should do something about this.”

I’m sure there are girls who can relate to both sides of this issue. The one being pulled apart and the one actually doing the pulling.

Culprit #1: My Name is Kim Sam-soon


In all defence of the second girl, she did have stomach cancer and had leave for the U.S. for treatment. Because all medicine is better in the U.S.? Many Koreans I know go to Korea to get treatment because it’s so much cheaper. Even with the $2,000 airplane ticket, the total cost is cheaper. So why so many kdramas depict America as being so much better….idk…

She and the main lead dated for 8 (?) years before her ditching him, so she just decided to leave?

OK. If I had been dating someone for 8 years, I would probably have done things differently.

1) Ask why we haven’t married yet.

2) Actually tell him I have a life-threatening disease.

3) Explain as to why I needed to go out of the country to get proper treatment. After 8 years of dating I would assume he would want me to be healed.

AND HE WAS A CHAEBOL CHILD. He could have EASILY paid for everything. His mom probably even owned a few hospitals.

But she turned out to be something of a brat. And should have just backed down.

Culprit #2: My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Now this girl is something else. I haven’t seen much of the episodes where she has a bigger role, but she is a royal pain in the REAR. OMG if I knew this girl in real life I’d give her a swift kick in the…


She seriously like tried to physically attack the main girl. Like, she physically lunged forward to tackle her or something. It was a fail, but she just became that desperate?

But even the first two culprits do not add up to this last one. This last one is responsible for making ONE HUNDRED and SEVENTY freaking episodes miserable to watch. ONEHUNDREDANDSEVENTY. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!??!?! I wouldn’t be surprised if she quit acting after this and goes and joins a nunnery or something.

Culprit #3: A Good Day for the Wind to Blow


I’m still angry about this. (Far right). The drama is over now, but this was just ridiculous. One. Hundred. And. Seventy. Episodes. Of. Utter. Frustration.


And of course, what Nigahiga was talking about. Somebody dying. Or becoming blind.


Someone, sometime is either struck down with a) cancer b) blindness c) heart attack d) death e) memory loss. Or they leave to go to the U.S. Usually involved between the two actual lovers, or the grandparent who’s the main overseerer of the main character’s life, job, etc.

Usually the cancer/blindness/memory loss is in the couple. Or if it has something to do with an inheritance, memory loss or impending death is usually involved with the grandparent.

Let’s see what I can remember:

Winter Sonata (picture at very top): memory loss, then blindness.

Autumn in My Heart: death by leukemia -OK I’m aware I didn’t mention chronic diseases on my list, then death by truck.

Summer Scent: chronic heart disease, eventual death, heart put in someone else, that person dies. And then somehow comes back to life?

(In case you were wondering, I have watched most of the first and only part one the last one. They came out a real long time ago, and kind of…made the term: Korean Drama. If you can’t tell, they are not comedies.) And I didn’t even know the Spring installement existed until recently, so I have not seen that yet. Spring Waltz in case you were wondering.

-Shining Inheritance: Grandma gets a heart attack or something like that.

-God of Study: Grandma gets a heart attack or something like that.

-Please Take Care of the Miss: GrandPA gets a heart attack or something.

-Goong: Dad has a chronic disease.

-Cinderella’s Sister: Dad has disease and has a heart attack and dies. I nearly cried it was so sad.

-OB-GYN: Yes, a hospital drama in case you didn’t catch it. Only reason I bothered was for Song Joong-ki.


After crying in every episode for about 6 episodes, I had to give it up. You have all of the above. In every episode. So. Incredibly. Ridiculously. Depressing.

-Boys Over Flowers: Gu Jun-pyo loses his memory.

The list goes on. But it’s really late now and I don’t feel like racking my brain anymore for these things.

I have too much kdrama/kpop data stored in my brain. I should take some of the unecessary info and and replace it with things like…my schoolwork… Nahhhhhh. :>


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