I didn’t know fox-women were so glamorous.

August 25, 2010 at 11:28 PM 1 comment

I miss blogging. Really, I do. Every 5 days or so that I haven’t blogged, I go through blogging withdrawals. Especially if I have nothing to write about. These past few days, I had nothing to write about. I was considering doing a moveing-in/first days at my Uni post, but then I realized there are people who attend this said Uni that may not like/disagree with what I have to say. I would like to keep my friends, thanks.

Well, here’s my Uni post:

-My classes are fun!

-Cafeterias are like factories. But in a good way.

-There’s a lot more here in this area than I first thought. Kinda reminds me of where my Grandparents live in Washington.

-I’m pretty sure I’ve met every single Korean on campus.

That’s it. Now onto the real stuff.

I’ve never gotten a request to write about something in particular. So this is kinda new to me. But please feel free to leave comments on here or on my FB if you’re my friend about anything you want to read about. I’ll try my best to write something amusing and worth-while. Well, I can’t guarantee it’ll be worth-while, but amusing? Yes.

So a shoutout to Tim, one of my first and among my most faithful readers. :> Thanks for making me actually feel like I’m not wasting my time.

His request?

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

To be completely honest, no matter how incredibly excited I was for this show to start, I haven’t kept up that well with this show. Granted, they’ve only aired 4 episodes. But it’s been fun. So I’ll give my first impressions and what I think will happen.

Let’s start with the leads.



The only other drama I’ve seen him in was Shining Inheritance last year. He did fine in Shining Inheritance -seeing how acting is not his principle job- and I enjoyed that drama enough to be 85% willing to recommend it to somebody. (It’s dragging storylines and random change of feelings like 5 episodes from the end keep it from the 90-95% recommendation range for me.) He played a rich, snobby grandson of a wealthy family -not quite chaebol but very wealthy nonetheless- and he falls for a girl who is trying to survive and find her missing little brother.

I’d give him like an 86/100 for his acting grade. Not too shabby.

For Gumiho, I think the role suits him a little better. It’s more of a fun, silly role he’s doing now, and I think all the variety shows he’s been on has helped him to not take himself too seriously. If you’re paired with Kang Ho-dong of all people for not one, but TWO variety shows, you will change as a person.

He overacts a little on Gumiho (YES I KNOW everyone’s been saying that) and I kinda have to agree. But it’s so funny to watch him freak out. It makes the situation even more intense and captivating, ie 1) “I stubbed my toe.” 2) I STUBBED MY TOE.” (Add in bug-eyes),etc. You get the picture.

Could they have picked someone better for this role? Well, the Hong Sisters (will write more about them later) generally pick lesser famous actors and actresses so I wasn’t surprised when I heard Seung-gi was going to be on here. He pulls a surprised and freaked out look well. His face looks a little funny, goofy and nerdy to start with, so maybe that’s why he was picked.


Main #2

Shin Min-ah


To be completely honest, I was rooting for Shin Se-kyung to get this role.


She’s so pretty, and I didn’t think she did half that bad of a job on High Kick Through the Roof. I mean, she could have done better, but she’s relatively new, and her looks were what I imagined a I’m-too-beautiful-to-be-human-fox-girl would look like.

I was slightly disappointed when I found out she decided not to do it, but I decided Seung-gi + Hong Sisters made it worth watching.

And then I found out Shin Min-ah would be in it.

First thought:

She’s so….OLD.

And I’ve only seen her in one movie. And that was by accident. Something called like…The Beast and the Beauty? A cute play-on Beauty and the Beast, but Belle is blind. And then she gets an eye donor? (Before Korean dramas I didn’t even fathom this was possible) But she and the beast had already been dating for 3 years, and he’s afraid she won’t love him anymore now that she can see what he really looks like. But in the end, they’re still together. Two impressions from the movie:

1) Yes, girls are not that shallow.

2) Shin Min-ah is too pretty.

So besides this movie, I didn’t really know much about her. Her face is plastered all over Korea -she is a CF QUEEN- and all her ads seem to be very provocative. So I guess I had this mature, older Shin Min-ah view in my head.

But in this drama, she totally changed my mind about her. In real life she is a few years older than Seung-gi, but she pulls off a cute, whimsical gumiho/girl very well. I was impressed. Cute but not nauseating. Refreshing, I think is a good word to use.


I like her character a lot more than Seung-gi’s. Seeing how she technically is playing a non-human fox-like animal, she is doing well. I can easily believe that she was trapped in a painting for 500 years, and eats meat like there’s no tomorrow.

The rest of the plot has been quite interesting. I absolutely LOVE the part between Dae-woong’s aunt and his friend’s dad. HAHAHAHA. Slow-mo mystery-man-in-a-trench-coat. Fun, little parts like that keep the main story from dragging on too long.

The Hong Sisters are behind the story-line of this drama, and they most definitely did NOT write the first 3 episodes as I thought they would. To my delight.

I went into this drama under the impression that Seung-gi was going to fall in love with her first, and THEN realize she was a gumiho.

What actually happened:

Seung-gi released her from a painting, she followed him, he found out she is a gumiho, and now he’s scared for his life.


Example #2

You’re Beautiful


Also written by the Hong Sisters, this drama totally was not what I was expecting. I -along with every single other person- thought that the girl who was disguised as her brother wouldn’t be found out until at least the middle. She was definitely found out in the second episode.

So since these events happened so early in the series, you have to help but wonder, how are they going to make this a 16-episode story? Well, they manage to do it. And I am kinda excited to see how Gumiho will turn out.

As for the ratings, I don’t think it will grow a lot more. Tak-gu is too far ahead in story and ratings to pull back any. And Gumino’s re-run ratings have surpassed the first-airing ones, so I think this’ll continue to happen.

Regardless, this is currently in my cool-drama database, and hopefully it’ll stay that way.

I’m not exactly clenching my seat waiting for the next episode to come, but if I see a new one uploaded, I think I’ll go ahead and hit play.

Here’s Seung-gi’s song for the OST. Too much auto-tune in my opinion. But still kinda cute. :>


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  • 1. Tim  |  August 25, 2010 at 11:36 PM

    Great read.
    I think i heard you are attending Baylor. Nice but UT > Baylor ;).
    GREAT GREAT read. it could have been a GREAT GREAT GREAT read if you didnt hurt my feelings of shin min ah being to old. it hurt a bit in the heart that she has stolen for me.


    *** if your sister didnt tell you, i’m quite ridiculous and over the top.
    ****** and i wouldnt have mind shin se kyung…she is so FINE


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