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Woo-young is a good reason as to why men shouldn’t get sangapul surgery.

Can you imagine how awkward that would be?

Everyone knows the stereotype that Asians have small eyes. It’s true. Asians have thicker eyelids -something about the environment?- and less eyes are visible. Asians have been made fun of for forever and constantly have to deal with people trying to recreate those “Asian Eyes”.

I’m not terribly offended by it as my eyes are comparable with -perhaps even a little bigger than- the average Caucasian. But if somebody pulls really hard, it looks a little uncomfortable on them. It looks like it really actually hurts to do that.

*Just as a side note, you really shouldn’t tug at the sides of your eyes like that. Your skin will lose it’s elasticity which will cause premature wrinkles. :> Thanks Michelle Phan.

For some reason, Asian people -in general not every single one- seem to think that big eyes are beautiful on women, while small eyes are attractive in men. Asian men with large eyes are not considered unattractive, but fall into the “beautiful” category with the women. Haha.

For some reason I’ve always heard Korean women say how they wanted their man to have small eyes. But women try to make their own eyes bigger with eyeliner, mascara, eyelid surgery, etc. Eyelid surgery is so important that there’s even a Korean word for it. Sangapul. Sangapul refers to the exact line on your eyelids where they fold. There is no specific word for it in English. At least I have not found one yet. Which goes to show how much Koreans care about it and Americans don’t. But there is a word for the Asian eyelids with minimal fold. Epicanthic eyelids. Random fact of the day that you didn’t need to know. Moving on.

What causes the eyelid to fold is a prominence in the brow bone. The more defined the brow bones, the more deep a fold there will be. So Asians with really deep eye folds look kinda of awkward seeing how there are no brow bones -the most protruding area of my face besides my nose is probably my eyeballs – to make really deep folds possible. Granted, there are many Asians born with it -I have a prominent fold in one eye and less noticeable not the other- but for the ones who get surgery just for that…it can come out a little interesting.

We talked about this in my Korean class a little while ago, and an Australian girl was saying how she thought single-lidded Asian women were beautiful. And I said Asian women think that double-lidded Caucasians are beautiful. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

I’ve grown up sitting in Korean hair salons reading -well, looking at the pictures of- the giant 250+ paged Korean magazines, and thus I’m no stranger to plastic surgery ads. But today I went to a mega bookstore in Seoul and I bought one of the magazines for their MBLAQ spread, (bahahaha) and I found this plastic surgery ad on two of the pages. It was shocking. It was so shocking that I had to take a picture of it with Photobooth and put it on my blog.



Michael Jackson doesn’t count. He had a rare skin disease. Don’t judge him for that.

The original guy  is was good looking! Here in Korea he would be considered very good looking. Shoot, I think he’s good looking. Maybe if he was smiling in the picture it would be more noticeable. The new version isn’t bad looking, though. He just looks so….so…DIFFERENT. You’d think eyelid -he got a nose job too- surgery wouldn’t completely change who you are, but this guy…no one would guess he was the same guy. I’m still in shock.


So I don’t know if this is a bad thing in that the guy didn’t need to change his appearance at all, or a good thing in that the plastic surgery place did a really, really, really, really good job.

Some criminal could escape to Korea and simply get eyelid surgery and a nose job and become a whole new unsearchable unrecognizable person.



Moving on to the original purpose of this post…

Besides the fact that double-eyelid surgery -or wearing circle lenses- is anything but safe, there is something both genders agree on. Something that they find incredibly adorable. I fall into this trap too. :>

Prepare to immerse yourself in happy land.





Thanks to the incredible amount of fat under Korean eyelids, smiling eyes -or moon eyes as Koreans themselves say- are possible. If there was one thing I could change about my appearance, it wouldn’t want to be skinnier, or even taller. I would want these smiling eyes. My eyes definitely get smaller when I smile…they just don’t turn downwards…down..down.. *aish…



Woo-young doesn’t have the eye smile, but that’s ok. :>
So I had no idea I could just right-click, download someone’s .gif. This is an exciting discovery. Be prepared to see more moving clips in posts to come. Now if I only knew how to make them myself….


In case you can’t read Korean, his shirt has his name on it. Heck, I’d want a shirt with his name on it too.



*Disclaimer: Michelle Phan is a YouTuber extraordinaire specializing in the skin care/beauty department. Woo-young is a member of kpop boy band 2PM. All Woo-young pictures and gifs are taken from the Woo-young forums? I think.


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