Life Lessons Korean Dramas Have Taught Me. Lesson #1.

August 4, 2010 at 2:33 AM 1 comment

Life Lesson #1: Try your best to live a simple life.

My mom tried to teach me a life lesson using an example from a Korean drama a few weeks ago. I have thus been inspired to recreate and expand on her thinking.

I’ve decided to do another mini-series blog posts. I don’t want to make you sit through a thesis, so I’ll split this up neatly as I go.

Lesson #1

Korean dramas are interesting things. Unlike American dramas which can -perhaps should not- last for generations, Korean dramas usually end within 16-30 episodes -historical dramas 60-80- and have a complete storyline with a beginning, middle, and end.

And there are categories of dramas. You have your typical romantic-comedies, light-hearted family daily dramas that air about 150 episodes or so, dramatic action-infused thrillers, your historical dynasty-era dramas, and your extremely sad cancer/blindness/long-lost siblings/separated lovers/miss-communication I-want-to-go-find-a-dark-corner-and-cry-by-myself dramas.

Whatever Koreans come up with, it’s bound to be unique in one way or another.

I started watching Korean dramas on a regular basis since I was 8. My first drama ever: 2000’s Mr.Duke. My mom came home one day with a grocery bag full of VCR’s, and ever since then I’ve spent probably an equivalent of 3 months of my life watching Korean dramas. Needless to say, my Korean did not turn out as good as you think it should have.

Now thanks to the glorious invention known as the internet, we don’t have to make our weekly trip to the video stores and pay to watch our dramas by the VCR. Now all we have to do is turn on our computers and start watching. Which is not a good thing.

I would list every single drama I’ve seen, but I don’t want you readers thinking I’m a crazy person with no life outside of watching dramas… :>

But by this post, it can already be safely assumed.

But on with the important things.

Since I’ve decided to remake a blog after my deceased Xanga, my drama-watching time has actually been significantly reduced. That, and here in Korea I have to fight my mom for who gets the Ethernet cord for our laptops. Usually she wins.

There has been one drama I’ve been trying to finish now for a few months -the drama for the picture at the top- 바람불어 좋은날 A Good Day for the Wind to Blow, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. It’s a daily drama, and while daily dramas usually have simple story lines that start and finish within the one episode, these story writers managed to have one continuously long story -set over 170 episodes- that just does NOT SEEM TO FINISH. Once you think things are finally beginning to clear up and the two lovers will -finally- live in peace, OUT OF NOWHERE ONE OF THE SONS RANDOMLY FINDS OUT HE’S NOT HIS PARENTS’ REAL SON. WHAT IS THIS MESS.

Since this is a more dialogue-based drama, I stick with the English subs so I understand everything. For a family sitcom with a more physically action-based plot line, I can understand without subs. Unfortunately seeing how this is a daily drama, is sorely behind in subbed episodes. With I’m on episode 70. Today in Seoul they aired episode 170. Out of curiosity I decided to watch today’s episode. And what do I find?



I cannot take this anymore. I know that most of the time I’m a dedicated drama-watcher  -Cinderella’s Sister was an exception as that was also unbearable- but this is just too much. How the heck am I suppose to sit through 100+ more episodes -50 hours equivalent- to have the characters finally end up where they just were?

Anyways, after the two main characters get married -which I hope is soon- I’m going to stop watching this. And move on.

This was not my first experience with a daily drama; I watched parts of another one before. Another one that I thoroughly loved and was disappointed that it ended. High Kick Through the Roof.


This drama was adorable. A poor girl country and her little sister come and stay/work as maids for a wealthy family in Seoul. Every episode was a little mini-story all tying in with cute romantic interests between the kids and even the hilarious Grandpa. If this was subbed, I’d recommend it to anyone. Not really a plot clutcher, but something like dessert to the heavy meatier dramas.

And of course, having BEAST/B2ST’s Ki-kwang and semi-newbie actor Yoon Shi-yoon in it is always a plus. For a singer, Ki-kwang did an adorable job. :>


It confuses me how someone with such a cute, young face has so little pictures of him fully-clothed. I understand Korean women like their men complete with the 8-pack chocolate abs, but what is he, the next Rain? Oh Good Lord no.


After watching a new drama Yoon Shi-yoon’s in right now, I’ve realized there is no way this guy is 178 cm (5’10”) as is listed on his records. But he’s adorable, so it’s ok. At least he’s taller than me. That’s all that matters.

High Kick Through the Roof was a perfect example of a drama that you could watch one episode of, forget about it for a few days, and watch another episode, and forget about it for another few days.

If only more dramas were like this.

No, some dramas make their plots so intricate (ridiculous) that you have no choice but to sit there and clutch a pillow bracing yourself for what is going to come next. Like a son randomly finding out he’s not his parents’ real son. Actually it was the son thinking he found out he wasn’t the real son only to have his older brother find out that HE and not the younger brother who originally thought he wasn’t their real son is actually not their real son. I had to re-read and re-type this sentence about seven times for it to make this much sense. HEADACHE, I tell you. HEADACHE.

A good example of a drama with a plot like a son finding out he’s not a real son was everyone’s favorite drama for some reason. This drama started a phenomenon of …I don’t even know what, but everyone and their mother loved watching Boys Over Flowers.


If you watched this -like I did- you are probably either rolling your eyes or imagining yourself in Lee Min-ho’s arms right now.

Bahahaha. Maybe not. There is only one Korean boy I will think is cute with curly hair. Oh yes, again. Wang Suk-hyun. :>

This drama was the absolute definition of ridiculous.

The original story ended at about episode 10, but out of the crazy fan’s interests and participation, it went all the way to 25. (I personally blame Kim Bum’s -second from left- appearance for keeping about 80% of the fan base :>) but for the 20% who were actually paying attention to the story (AHEM, me) we couldn’t stop watching. It’s not that it even was addicting. It was so un-predictable, you had to keep watching or else you’d be stuck with this sense of incompletion in your mind. Just when you would think the story would finally calm down, someone gets hit by a car and loses their memory. Like 2 episodes from the end. So you’re like, oh geez, ok. The main character loses his memory 2 episodes from the end. It can be assumed he will eventually end up with the main girl, but now that they only have 2 episodes to get together, WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY GOING TO DO????

And then in the last episode, 4 years randomly pass. And then in the last three minutes, they finally decide to get married.


I spent 25 hours of my life in utter confusion and headache just to have the two main characters finally have peace in the last three minutes.

I don’t want to live a complicated life. I really don’t want to. I just want to be happy.

Too many Korean dramas have had the characters go through just about everything imaginable to have them finally together in the end. One person blind, or with cancer, or but ultimately together.

Why can’t we just live day by day and be happy?


I guess this is what keeps me coming back. My life is too simple that I desire action?

Darn you Korean dramas, darn you.


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So what have I done with my life? Hey there, smilin’ eyes ⌃⌃

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  • 1. tim  |  August 4, 2010 at 2:38 AM

    Keep Life simple stupid…


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