So what have I done with my life?

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If you know me well, you know I’m obsessed with YouTube. And blogs. I’ve said this at least 5 times. You don’t even have to know me to know I’m obsessed with YT. And blogs. I love reading blogs. I love my blog. So when the two are put together, happiness ensues. I know my posts are crowded with YT vids you probably don’t need to watch, but sometimes moving pictures are more explanatory -and frankly, more captivating- than words.

One particular blog I go to on a regular basis is LINK

This website/blog is my main source of comeback info, music/acting info, etc.

For my drama info, I go to LINK

Well, a few days ago on (I’m pretty sure it was here, I don’t think it was somewhere else) I made a startling discovery.

I never knew a person I had never met or even barely even heard of could make me cry.

Two words.

Charice Pempengco.

Now that I think about it, perhaps I had been extremely ignorant to not know about this girl. Her face seemed familiar, but besides that, I had NO IDEA who she was.

I was flipping through the website, and I saw a post titled, “What was the reason for Luna’s tears on Star King?”.

If the words “Star King” were left out, I would have probably glossed over that article and not even bother to look at it. No offense towards Luna or f(x) for that matter, but on Star King? Star King isn’t exactly a tear-inducing program of any sort. Maybe tears from laughing so hard…

For those who don’t know, Star King is a popular Korean TV show that brings in random -and I mean random- talents from around the world and has them perform for a live studio audience as well as a small group of Korean celebrities who partake in activities, talk to them, etc. Almost anyone from animal trainers to singers to hypnotizers have been showcased by Star King, and the way the Korean celebrities interact with them is always fun.

Here’s an example of what happens on Star King. My recommendation: watch from 2:52 to the end. The beginning is a little awkward with the children, but the Beatles’ classic makes it alllll gooooooddddd.

And Kang Ho-dong as the host is always fun. He’s such a jolly, funny man.

So the article “What was the reason for Luna’s tears on Star King?” talked about how Luna sang Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time” and was quickly overshadowed by the day’s guest who proceeded to sing the very same song right after her. As a result, Luna began to cry.

Here’s the actual post. LINK. The original HD vid had copyright infringements pulled, but I found another one. Heh heh.  :>

Luna is a good singer. She really is. She’s the reason f(x) -besides Amber- is f(x). Without her vocals, they would be nothing. Out of most of the kpop singers I’ve heard these days, she is definitely in the top 10. Maybe top 7.

Let me just say this: If I was Luna, I would have cried too. Heck, I’m not even Luna, and I still cried.

Brace yourselves:

OOOOh. I’ve watched her sing now like 294589 times. And I still get goosebumps.

It’s funny how all the Korean celebrities watching her -most of them are singers- are so jittery by her singing. Mostly because they know they can’t sing like her.

If you read the article, OPRAH of all people, THE Oprah Winfrey dubbed her as “The Most Talented Girl in World”. Yea, so I’m guessing most people can’t sing like her.

Completely enthralled, I looked her up on Wikipedia. And I find out she’s only 4 months older than me.

Which makes me think… so what have I done with my life??????

My mom’s response: “Go clean up that mess you made over there and do something with your life.”


I think this is the first time I’ve ever used an emoticon on my blog.

This was actually her third time to be showcased on Star King (bahahaha). Star King always gets to them first. The first time she appeared, she was 14 years old. So…2007? 2008? One of those.

And I was pleasantly surprised to see Kyu-hyun in it. :>

And I was even more pleasantly surprised to see that they sang a duet. To a Disney song.

*Ignore the blonde hair, he has since learned that it doesn’t suit him. Or any Asian for that matter.

I’m definitely looking forward to more Charice in the future. Good Lord yes I am looking forward to more Charice in the future.


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