So we KNOW we can dance.

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Never underestimate the power of a decent haircut.

My mom told me the Miley Cyrus post was too mean. So if you are a genuine fan of the new Miley, I do apologize for getting you all ruffled up. I tend to go on rants. Although I ought not to judge people who are trying to make a living in this world. Yea, that. I feel much better in case you were wondering.

I got a straight perm yesterday. Well, I think it was a straight perm. Everything except the ends are straight. The ends are curly. But enough about my hair. Next to the hair salon was this children’s dancing instructional center. Why there was a children’s dancing instructional center in a mall, I have no idea.

It was kind of cute seeing all the kids lined up in front of the mirrored walls listening to their teacher. But what wasn’t so cute was when they all started learning how to body-wave. And I’m not talking about the thing with the arms stretched out and doing a wave from one arm to the other. What I saw was definitely not G-rated. Perhaps not even PG-rated. It was a little disturbing.

But this made me think. If these 7, 8 year-old kids are learning how to do body-waves now -something I know I would completely and utterly FAIL at, I’d probably look like I have a wedgie or something- what are they going to be doing when they’re like…16 or 17?

So maybe everyone has to start somewhere?

Maybe it has to do something to do with Koreans being short. And skinny.

Anyways, what inspired this post was this YT vid that YGEnter. uploaded. I was never really a big fan of Se7en…I remember my friends in elementary school were in love with him. Elementary school. I have graduated high school. And then my mom loved him in some drama, the Goong spin-off. Prince-something? I don’t know. I watched ten minutes and I couldn’t stand his hair. *Note: hair in drama = picture on the left. And I remember someone being devastated about him getting married. When I was in 7th grade or something.

I didn’t know what spell Se7en had on women…idk. Especially with that hair.

And then I found out a few weeks ago that he was making a comeback.


I was thinking, this guy has got to be like…50 by now or something.

And then his new MV popped up in my subscriptions box. I avoided it for a few days as I needed time to recover from Shinee’s attack of the Key hair. And Onew’s awkward middle-part. But I finally mustered enough courage to watch it and try to not be embarrassed of the Korean culture. So I finally watched it. And I actually kind of liked it?

He’s not overly feminine. And he’s not all brawn. Still a little cheese, but not too shabby YG. Not too shabby. 92048520986 years after he debuts, he’s still a hot commodity.

I always knew he was a good dancer, but I was a little disappointed by this MV’s lack of dancing. And a few days later -I tell you, my subscriptions box is like a genie in a lamp- this vid shows up. *he’s the one with the black hat with the pink writing that’s always in the middle. And wearing awkward high-waters.

So I wish I could dance like this…

*Disclaimer: if I had watched this before the other vid, I think I would have lost all hope in YG’s songwriters. But I do think this song was written mostly for dancing? It’s the intro song on his CD I think. So yes.

Perhaps all the raving I heard in elementary school about Se7en’s dancing was true. Hmm.

Besides Se7en, there’s another YG-er whose dancing is awesome. Oh yes. Hello Tae-yang.

He’s so pro he doesn’t even have Koreans as his backup dancers. I think I read somewhere that his backup dancers are really famous dance choreographers in the States…? I don’t remember their names! Sorry! But they work with YG. And Tae-yang. And they did an awesome job if I might say so. He’s probably less than three  inches taller than me, but that’s ok.

And there’s Jay Park. I don’t have much to say about him since he left 2PM -I got free tickets to see their concert here in Seoul!- except that I like that he’s from Seattle. And he like…made me understand what b-boying actually was. I don’t think this vid is him b-boying, but I found this amusing nontheless. *Note: Jay is the guy in the SWAG hat w/o the glasses.

And then there’s my favorite cutie dancer. :>

SHINee’s Taemin has gone through…multiple different changes, thanks to SM. The poor boy probably has more split ends and fried strands than I do. I hope he still has a full head of hair by the time he’s 30. G-Dragon on the other hand, I don’t know what’s going to happen to him.

Seeing all the craze for the new SHINee song here in Korea -a song that I think was well made, along with the dancing, but perhaps could have gone with a different title, as they may not fully understand what the title fully entails- made me see yet another durastic change in my favorite cutie maknae.

And seeing how I’m a whole year older than him I feel gives me rights to think of myself as the noona in this situation? :>

Let’s take a trip down Memory Lane. Baby Taemin—->today…






And this was a period of less than two years??

I’m not even going to do any of the other members. If I see Key’s hair again, I think I’m going to cry. Or Onew with that horrid middle-part. SM’s stylists…WHY MUST YOU DO THIS TO US. ALL THOSE KIDS WHO DRESS WEIRD NOW ARE FOLLOWING YOUR EXAMPLE. At least JYP tries to make the outfits wearable.

*Sigh. Whatever they put Taemin in next, be it a neon blue wig with pink highlights, I shall always see him like this:


I purposely didn’t put any females on here as I didn’t want any awkward sensual dancing seeing how I am also female? And I don’t really know any females that I would put on here. And you come to my blog to be informed and entertained. Not informed and…nvm.

And I realize I left out Rain of all people. Rain, who is known for his dancing. I’m sorry. I didn’t want to have to listen to his singing along with watching him dance. Half-naked. My trainer-cousin bought me the CD -I hope it was given to him free and he didn’t have to spend money on it- but it’s pretty much like an exhibit of Rain’s abs. I don’t really want it. Some Rain fan out there want a free “Back to the Basic” CD?

I have no comments.

*Korean words –> English glossary:

-maknae: the baby/youngest member of a group. Whether it be a family, group of friends, etc. I’m the maknae in the family because I’m the youngest cousin out of 13.

-noona: term used by younger brother to call an older female. “Hey noona! Let’s go eat!”. Not especially restricted to only family usage. Usually denotes close relationship b/w the younger male and older female.


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Just because you became 7 years older in about a week doesn’t mean your 7 year-old-fans managed to do the same. So what have I done with my life?

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