Just because you became 7 years older in about a week doesn’t mean your 7 year-old-fans managed to do the same.

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Everything happened so fast I got whiplash. Spare me Miley. I beg of you.

Hannah Montana was a cute show. I will admit it. I did watch a few episodes. And there were a few that I did genuinely enjoy. What interested me was not the use of particularly attractive random extras they had, or the singing she did, or the attempt at acting. I liked that the show was about a family. Dad trying his best to raise two kids. One of them being a child…entertainer. But nevertheless, each episode ended cleanly with a cute little motif or “I learned my lesson dad. I’m sorry and I won’t do it again”, and then they all hug it out.

If I, a critical teenaged girl just like any other, managed to attain even a few good vibes from the show, I’m sure any 7 year-old-girl loved it. And perhaps since Disney stuck to the family-centered theme, mom’s liked the show too.

Was I surprised that the show ended? No, not at all. It was getting old, and Miley couldn’t fit into the “cute, kid singer” category anymore. It had to stop somewhere. No matter how much money she was drawing in, she can’t stay cute forever.

But there was something that surprised me.


Whiplash I tell you, whiplash.

There is something celebrities in America should learn. Korean celebrities have this down pat, something American celebrities might actually have some use for learning.

That something is called your fan-base.

Leaving Disney is a big decision. I think it wasn’t a bad thing for her to leave. Maybe she had enough, she felt ready to leave after 4 years (? I think) with Disney and to be honest, that is actually quite a long time. So I feel that leaving was not a bad choice.

But even though you leave the people who basically created you and made your name THE name, all those little t-shirts and pink backpacks with YOUR face on them are not going anywhere. Even though you decide to shed your cute factor and take on something that is wildly different, your little 7 year-old-fans are not ready to part with that cute Miley.

Moon Geun-young -I’ve talked about her before- was something of a lesser dramatic kid version of Miley Cyrus. She was dubbed the “Nation’s little sister”. As she grew older, everyone had expectations of her to stay clean and pure. She grew up gracefully and managed to keep her fan-base strong as they grew up with her. Since her child roles, she has played many dramatic, very non-childlike roles, but she did it in a way that made us grow in respect for her, in a way that made us realize, “She is not going to stay a child forever. She needs to stretch her acting skills and attempt roles suitable for her age even if it means shedding this perfect child view we had of her.” I’m not saying she’s a total rebel now -complete opposite if I may say, she was reported to have donated about $600,000 to various charities throughout her career so far- but she grew up in a way that made us increase our respect for her, and allowed her to become different characters and go past different boundaries.

I read a Yahoo news article with someone defending Miley’s stance. Defending her with the reasoning that “she (80’s star Tiffany) feels is vying for viability in a market defined by pop-stars-as-sex-symbols. Tiffany believes Cyrus is stepping into the more mature image “appropriately,” something she partially attributes to the guidance of the young performer’s parents.”


That is sad. Miley Cyrus is already a big name, but she’s now having people defend her because she needs to survive?

My rant isn’t even about Miley’s age. Yes, I do think it’s wrong that someone who is 17 to be dancing and singing dressed the way she is. Yes, I do think she is too young to be doing that. But this isn’t about that.

What this is about is how Miley was not considerate about the fans she left behind. She was not considerate of the mom’s and dad’s who bought their little girls Hannah Montana shirts and Hannah Montana backpacks. She was not considerate of all the people who helped her become who she was through Disney. Instead of having these people think of her with positive, “I’m glad she’s my daughter’s role-model” ideas, they now have to deal with shielding their kids from who they thought was the perfect person. For a 7 year-old-girl, they don’t understand what that means. Hannah Montana was the coolest girl ever. Why can’t I even see her anymore?

Your Disney fans are not going to stand at the gate and wish you a safe journey accepting the fact that they will never be able to be your fan again. It doesn’t matter what agency, company, country you’re in. There is no escaping the fact that you were once Hannah Montana on Disney Channel.

You decided you wanted to be on Disney Channel, Miley Cyrus. You decided that you were ok with little girls thinking of you as their role-model. You decided to make a friendly departure from Disney.

It was your decision. Take responsibility for your actions.


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