Each day I find myself progressively dressing better.

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I found this entertaining. Not to be biased towards my own ethnicity or anything, but I really do think the Koreans are the best looking here, haha. But then, that’s not really saying much.

Your environments really do effect you. When you show up somewhere in a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers, and everyone in heels stare awkwardly at you thinking, “What an obvious foreigner”, you tend to try and do something about it. I’m pretty sure natives will be able to know that I’m a foreigner no matter what I’m wearing, but at least I won’t be giving Americans a bad rep.

Case in point: I’m sitting here typing this wordpress currently wearing jeggings -yes, I actually bought jeggings- an airy white blouse, and my hair neatly in a braid-band across my head. With a bow hairclip. With earrings. And today I took a tote to school instead of my usual Northface backpack.

But don’t completely freak out yet, I still wore my jank Vans with my Tae-yang socks. :>

The best tip for blending in with the natives: dress like them.

So after spending 20 minutes and only coming up with the last few sentences, I’ve realized that writing about my life is ridiculously boring.

So moving on.

There has been another thing bothering me here. Something having to do with dressing better.

So in Korea, every school has a uniform. They differ between schools, but you can tell someone is a student from miles away. Usually they include a white buttoned shirt, gray/black/navy bottoms, and sneakers.

I personally think school uniforms are great. I really do think they are a good idea. It’s an easy way to monitor inappropriate clothing, and it’s easy to pick out what you’re going to wear for the day. Suffocating individual creativity is a lame excuse. What a joke. Focus on your character and not on your clothing to define who you are.

Some uniforms I wouldn’t mind if they looked nice. And if personal choice of shoes was available. I could do away with the ugly black mary-jane’s.

Last year when I came to Korea, I most definitely had the wrong expectations.

This is what I envisioned uniforms to look like.


Ok, maybe not that nice, but something along the lines of that. And especially since there are so many dang ads with celebrities and school uniform brands.

I’m not entirely sure why school uniforms have anything to do with s-lines.

Why the heck would you want to advertise school uniforms? It puzzles me, really it does.

Well….Big Bang could advertise creamed corn of all things and make it look good.

In reality, they’re not as nice. Maybe because I’m here in the summer and I don’t see the winter versions of the uniforms. I don’t really know if the winter ones are much nicer.

First of all, they’re cut very awkwardly.


At least this girl knows how to overcome that. The shirts barely cover the stomach. Since they can’t have everyone walking around exposing their midriff, they fix the problem with making the skirts go up practically to their chest.

I don’t really know why they just don’t make the shirts a little longer and make the skirts sit where bottoms normally sit?

Perhaps this has something to do with Korea’s obsession with long legs. The shorter your top and higher your skirt goes, the longer…your legs look. Because that doesn’t look awkward at all.

Another thing I don’t get.

Besides the lack of shirt, the overall fitting is very tight. Koreans already weight 25 pounds, they don’t need to try and look skinnier than they already are.

The shirts are very tight. And the skirts are very tight. And it seems that all the school boys wear skinny jeans. But it’s part of their school uniform.

I am sorry if you love skinny jeans, but skinny jeans do not flatter everyone. People who would consider themselves part of the MALE gender in general should not wear skinny jeans. I knew that before coming here. Coming here has just reiterated that belief in my mind.

I think that maybe this was a rant? Possibly?

Anyways, resuming song/singer of the day. Again.

Instead of continuing the extremely long posts about who I think is talented, I’ll just add them to the bottom of the other posts like I had done in the past. Enjoy.

Today’s Artist:


I like these guys. (2 guys, 1 girl). Quite talented. Quite talented live, too. And their songs arn’t really bubbly. They’re actually kind of sad. But in a nice, sweet way. I guess. I like them. :>

I watched this live on Inkigayo. They did awesome. Khun needs to work on his acting, but having him in the MV was a nice little touch.

This is pretty cool. Usually I don’t really like auto-tune -some singers hide behind it and are awful live- but here the auto-tune gives it an interesting effect. And they really can sing, don’t worry. Kind of reminds me of G-Dragon’s “About a Boy”. I don’t really know how I feel about this concept for 8eight, but I do like the song.

This is practically ancient already, but I like it. :>

2 trends in kpop. Actually, 3. Really bubbly and ridiculous, dark and awkwardly alluring, so sad you want to go and cry your eyes out. Koreans are passionate people. I don’t really know how I feel about this.

*The first picture is of the different characters of the popular Japanese -I think it was Japanese- comic book series called “Boys over Flowers”. It was made into a Taiwanese television drama, which was wildly popular. Then it was made into a Japanese television drama. Which was wildly popular. And then it was made into a Korean television drama. Which was ridiculously wildly popular. And now it is being made into a Chinese television drama. And it will probably be wildly popular.

So on the far left is what the original comic book characters looked like. And from right to left is the respective country’s actor who played that certain character. And I do think the Koreans -while they may have not made the best drama- are the best looking.


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