my take on: Korean entertainment, meat factories, something Ki Sung-yong, etc. Part 2.

July 10, 2010 at 6:33 AM 1 comment

Your daily dose of Ki Sung-yong. I think I’m going to make this a regular thing. Bahahaha.


We were actually there July 9th. Yesterday. I don’t really know what was happening at the Nike store on July 9th in Myeongdong, but I think maybe he was going to show up? But we left around 5 or so, so we didn’t get to see him. I was slightly disappointed. But then I realized I would probably not survive the torrents of screaming girls trying to propose to him.

Hi. Part 2. Yay. Thanks for your positive comments T.M. and BBLT! It makes me happy knowing that I have readers. Who enjoy what I manage to type out.

So before I get (re)started, I have an important announcement to make. I have completed my 2NE1 sock collection. WHAT’S UP 2NE1. YUHHHHH. But Dara’s is a different design. WTH. So I think I just might go back to Ewha where the Dara one is from and buy the others so we can all match. :>


And my sister found an 1박 2일 collection!!!! YAY. So guess who now has Lee Seung-gi socks?? :> :> :>

(1박 2일 (1 night, 2 days) is a Korean variety show (Korean version of a reality show but less scripted, more like the show directors take them somewhere, and then they are given free reign) where a group of guys go on a 1 night, 2 days trip to various parts of Korea and experience what it’s like to live like the locals. But the group of guys in the show are HILARIOUS. And Lee Seung-gi is like the…cute prince out of them. And they make fun of him for always advertising his songs. He’s a pretty good singer.)

WIKI IT (the show)
WIKI IT (Lee Seung-gi)



Do his socks resemble him in any way?

So back to what this post was originally suppose to be about. My mind wanders constantly, in case you haven’t noticed.

Oh! I got my New Balances today! I’ll post a picture eventually.


Ok. HI.

Let’s talk about entertainment powerhouses.

So in my last post I typed out how the audition process goes. There are several different entertainment companies you can audition for. Here are the main, huge, powerhouse-esque, kings of the meat markets.

  1. YG Entertainment.
  2. SM Entertainment.
  3. JYP Entertainment.

And of course within the powerhouses are the smaller, lesser known entertainment companies.

1) YG Entertainment.

Big Bang





2) SM Entertainment.


SNSD/Girls’ Generation


Super Junior



3) JYP Entertainment.

Wonder Girls



and under JYP Entertainment are smaller entertainment companies which include artists like:


4minute (38th parallel girls)


I only listed the more recognizable names. At least the ones I recognized. Feel free to WIKI IT for anymore info on them.

Let’s start with YG. What’s up YG.

So I think YG is basically awesome. Big Bang has/still is one of the most successful recording artists in the history of kpop. Se7en also. YG has I guess, this theme of being hip-hop so most of their artists specialize in hip-hop/gangsta things. Well, more recently they’ve delved into the luxurious…rich baller category, but I hope they don’t stray far.

What they’re doing right:

YG is smart. Their CEO/owner is smart. He knows how to work the system. What he did was show something that was radically different and he pulled it off well. No group debuted quite like Big Bang, so everyone was hooked. At the absolute highest point of their careers, they went global. Even though this may have broken many Korean girl’s hearts, it was a good move on YG’s part. They debuted in Japan when they were already super popular in Korea and their fame in Japan was growing steadily also. So now they’ve been in Japan nearly 1.5 years, and they’re at the top. Big Bang already ruled Korea. And now they rule Japan. And now they’re the first Korean artists to perform at an international music festival which include the likes of: Rihanna, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, etc.

YG doesn’t have that many currently recording artists. Which is a good thing. He saves money by keeping the number small. And he can concentrate all his efforts on his few golden children so they receive the best training, critiquing, etc. Too many artists=not enough individual attention.

And he waits for the right time to have comebacks. 2NE1 hasn’t had a comeback since their debut, so everyone is itching for one. They don’t pop up so often everyone is like…oh…they have a new CD…that’s nice. Big Bang and 2NE1 have been gone long enough people are basically plastering themselves to the YG headquarters begging on their hands and knees for a comeback. If Big Bang and 2NE1 had a comeback at the same time, Seoul would basically explode with screaming fangirls -and boys. One at a time YG, one at a time. For my sanity.

Right now it’s Tae-yangs time to shine, so Big Bang won’t be coming back for a little while. *Sniff.

My trainer cousin has connections to every entertainment company except YG. YG is so well developed and has so much money they don’t need a noob trainer like him. (He said this himself, I’m not trying to bash my own cousin). I guess they have their own extremo-professionals who work strictly for YG.

My cousin is officially hired by an entertainment company -not any of the ones listed, a new smaller one- but he also does individual training sessions outside of his company.

Next up. SM Town.

OK. I have many things to say about SM.

How are they doing:

They’re doing great. Why? Because SM knows how to appeal to Koreans. YG knows how to be popular by skill, SM knows how to be popular by trend. Which may not be a good thing for YG. Hip-hop may not rule Korea forever contrary to popular belief.

Case in point:

SNSD/Girls’ Generation. When they first debuted, they were the typical cute girls. Everyone loved them because they were cute. As the trend changed, cute started becoming old, and dark and sexy was becoming popular. So what does SM do? He changes their concept from cute and bubble to dark and alluring to fit the trend. And it blew up. It was so wildly popular, numerous other groups tried to pull off this sexy, black look. Thank goodness it’s going away.

Talent-wise, they’re lacking. All their dances involve wearing sky-high heels, so intense dance moves would be complicated. They are definitely the prettiest girl group in kpop. And they know it too. Why do you think all they wear are booty shorts and sky-high heels?

SNSD cute version:

and SNSD succumbing trying out a new concept:

And with SHINee, SM started them out as cute too, starting the dreaded “noona” phase. *Noona is a term used by a younger brother to an older sister. But non-siblings use it too -akin to calling someone uncle ____ who really isn’t your uncle but just your dad’s really close friend-  and it shows that the younger boy and older girl are close in their relationship. After they debuted, I can guarantee you 70% of girls who liked them were older than them.

The dreaded begining of the noona phase. Curse you SHINee, curse you.

They’re so pretty. They’re prettier than I am.

And then SM took the “masculine” phase and tried to translate it into SHINee language. I guess this is considered manly? Anyways, SHINee part 2.

Possibly the MOST recreated dance ever. In the history of the world. There are videos on YT of little kids in daycare doing this dance for their daily exercise. The eng subs are kind of awkwardly made…not really accurate…if you knew Korean this song would make more sense.

But SHINee is moderately talented. They dance incredibly well, and 3/5 are pretty good singers. And one of them was ranked 2nd in his high school. That’s pretty good. Especially for Korea.

And then there’s Super Junior.

SuJu is kind of a hit or miss with me. But out of all the SM people, I think I like SuJu the most. They started out as sickeningly cute, like really, I felt nauseated b/c they’re all pretty old -ages 22-27ish) and they were trying to be like SHINee. Well, they debuted before SHINee, but it was sickening nonetheless.

But they churned out some hits. And some fun things. And since there are so many of them in the group, there are actually a handful of them that are decently talented. Really. Truly.

Here is a fun part of SuJu. This dance is probably the second most recreated dance in the history of the world. *Notice: I don’t really know what the beginning is suppose to be about…just fast forward the first few seconds or so. There is a song. I promise.

Watch out for Kyu-hyun. He’s my favorite. :>


And he plays the clarinet!…?!?!?!?


Random. Perhaps we were meant to be together? BAHAHA. JK.

Anyways, but then SuJu has their moments where you’re like…..UHHH WTH were you thinking SM? And then you find yourself singing that song making fun of it. And then you find yourself having fun while you’re singing it making fun of the song….

Someone please tell Kyu-hyun that his hair looks the best when it’s short like that. He just looks grungy with long hair. In a non-fashionable, non-attractive manner.

But they do have their good moments. They released this MV like 4 days ago, and I actually kind of like. Like it in that I watched it about 4 times in a row. It’s actually really, really, sweet. And cute. But not in the nauseating way that they debuted in. Yes, there is still plenty of cheese, but at least this time they went a little easy on it. This is my favorite kpop song of the time being. No bashing this song please. :>

The official english title is “No Other” but it’s really like..”There is no other person like you”

The only thing I don’t like is how Choi Si-won isn’t in the main dancing parts. I know he’s busy filming that Athena spy-romance-angst drama, but can’t he at least make it out to the MV shooting? He was there when they performed it live…anyways. I missed seeing his shining face in the dancing parts.


Does he look like he can pull off the super-spy look? (Top right)


Ok, moving on.

F(x). This’ll be my last SM group.

I don’t really know this group well. All I know is that one of them is like 10 years older than the rest and most of them are younger than me. And they’re all girls. The tom-boyish one is a girl. I know, right.

So what do I think of them. Very interesting. Very, very, interesting. When they first debuted, they were all sticks.


But now, one of them has gained a considerable amount of weight. The one on the far right. You’ll see it in the MV. She has blonde streaks in her hair. The first time I saw the new MV, I was like, oh goodness why is she so chubby? But I kind of liked it. She’s the best singer by far in the group. She is really, really good. And she’s good live too. This group would be nothing without her. Maybe that’s why they kept her even though she gained some pounds. Maybe she needs a little bit of meat to be able to sustain those powerful lungs.

With the whole tom-boyish thing, it’s definitely a new(er) concept in the kpop world. I think… it was a smart move by SM? She gets the most attention by fans. I don’t know if it’s cause they think she’s so cool because she’s so tom-boyish, or if they’re just creeped out by her because she is so tom-boyish. Regardless of their feelings, F(x) has been receiving much attention because of her.

I don’t really know any of their older songs, so here’s the newest one.

OK. BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING. No, not all Koreans dress this way. Yes, I think it’s strange too. Yes, I think their stylist needs to be fired.

I watched it w/ eng subs, w/o eng subs w/russian subs w/ pretty much EVERYTHING and I had NO IDEA what the song was about. So I asked on YT, and apparently it’s about a girl who has her first crush and something about she’s new blood?? NU (new) ABO (blood types, A, B, AB, O). I don’t know. I really, I just, I, I, I, I don’t know.

Oh! And the girl with the awkward half red/half black hair is the same girl in SHINee’s noona trend MV. Yea, I know. She should have just stuck to her noona-self.

Make whatever assumptions you would like about them.

Who’s next? JYP? Oh, right. Ok.

So JYP is funny.

He’s not very smart.

He made some crucial mistakes.

And now according to my cousin, JYP Entertainment is broke.

So that made more sense as to why 2PM/2AM are pretty much IN EVERY SINGLE AD ACROSS THE UNIVERSE.

What did he do wrong?

He wasted money sending the Wonder Girls to America. He somehow got them to tour with the Jonas Brothers of all people. How the heck did he get them to tour with the Jonas Brothers?!?!? I still don’t know.

Well anyways, answer me this; who comprises 99% of the Jo Bro’s fan base? That’s right, screaming, pubescent, middle-school aged GIRLS. Do they want to see these random Asian girls singing on the same stage as their beloved Jonas gods? NO. Either that or they were like…who are these random people…why can’t I understand what they are singing. And they were singing in english. JYP should have considered this earlier. Yes the Wonder Girls got more publicity around the world than if they just stayed in Korea, but most of it was along the lines of: these girls are kind of annoying. And as soon as the concert was over…the Wonder who?

And what makes it even worse, they were doing awesome in Korea. Like, SNSD awesome. (They’re not good at singing -or dancing either at that- but their songs are super catchy. And easy to sing/dance to). Who in their right mind would pull out their best profit-making group out of their home country to perform where no one knows them -no one cares to know them- and where they are going to struggle. Not so wise JYP.

As a result, 2PM and 2AM have to work overtime to compensate for the Wonder Girl’s loses. And Jay leaving doesn’t make the situation any better.

Now moving onto 2PM/2AM.

2PM: talented? They are getting better. Much better. Their dancing has always been good. Their singing? Not so much. But they’re like the “hot guys with hot bods” kpop group. So regardless of whether or not they are talented, all they have to do is flash their chocolate bar 8-pack abs and girls swoon left and right.

So this song is Ok -no pun intended. Shows off their manliness. But the reason I chose to post this one was for Woo-young’s solo. Epic solo. It starts at 3:05 and ends like 25 or so seconds later. This solo made me love Woo-young. And kind of like 2PM. And what’s even better is that is solo is HE’S AWESOME AT THE SOLO LIVE. Yah-yuh.


I like 2AM, I really do. They’re talented. I think. Quite talented. They don’t dance, at all, but they sing. Quite well.

What was my criteria for who is talented and who isn’t?

Looks. HAHA. 2Am is a good example of this.



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my take on: the Korean entertainment industry, meat markets, and what YG is doing right. PART 1: back to basic(s). Each day I find myself progressively dressing better.

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  • 1. christina  |  July 10, 2010 at 8:27 AM

    i can’t believe i watched ALL of part 1 & 2 but i must say i thoroughly enjoyed it :P good job and wow.. what a dedicated person you are to be able to write all of that and be so witty along with that!! good jorb!! :D and yes. i read all your posts too :P


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