LUH-SHI-AH. (러시아)

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I need to stop writing so many blog posts.

*I’d like to give a shoutout to my one and only BBLT, T.S. thanks for actually reading my blog. that means a lot.


Yesterday we went to Everland, a theme park akin to Disneyland, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Epcot Center. Seoul is too crowded/polluted to have a larg(er) theme park with animals, so it’s all the way out in the country? and it was incredibly hard to find. Disneyland has like, signs and flashing lights in a 30 mile perimeter surrounding the park. We found a sign like 6 miles from Everland. A small, random sign.

I guess most people enter in the highway entrance but we missed it. So we wandered around the local area for a good hour or so.

There were some really interesting really developed areas that had really nice apartments. Areas…3 or 4 square miles. 3 or 4 square miles of really nice area stuck in the middle of the jank countryside. It was kinda weird.

We stopped at a light and the person who was driving us had the idea of asking to truck driver next to us how to get there. So my mom shouts out of the window and the guy turns his head. My mom almost thought he was a woman. His face didn’t really look that feminine, he was really dark and wrinkly, and he was driving a jank truck, but he had really long hair -longer than mine- tied in a ponytail, and he had bright pink nail polish on. It was slightly disturbing.

BUT he was really nice. A little too nice for someone who looked like -minus the hair and pink nail polish- like someone who could survive a gang fight or something.

My first thought when I saw this guy: I HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT THIS. Ohmahgoodness, this is becoming so sad.

Anyways, after 2 hours we finally get there. The drive back home took like 35 minutes.

It was interesting going to an amusement park with mostly only Koreans and hearing Korean and Chinese on the intercoms instead of English and Spanish.

There’s this rollercoaster called the T-Express, and it’s probably the main rollercoaster there. It is the 6th tallest drop in the world for wooden rollercoasters. It was terrifying. I have no idea how I was able to ride it twice. That picture up there doesn’t really do it justice.

It is so high and the drop so vertical that’s it’s nearly a safety hazard. You’re fastened to the seat with a seatbelt and a bar. What you really need are one of those over-the-head harnesses that encases your entire body. During that 151 feet drop, my butt slid up the back of the seat a good 4 or 5 inches and I was slipping out from under the bar and the seatbelt. I thought I was going to die. But before I really was falling out, the drop was over. So I didn’t die. :> The second time I rode it, I slid my butt way to the front of the seat so my butt had plenty of safe sliding space. But if you’re really skinny and short, I wouldn’t recommend you wear slippery pants.

This is a little better.


Besides the deadly rollercoaster, there are lots of cute things to do.

There’s this safari ride -according the the website I got the pictures, minus the one above, I took this one- that is the only working safari in the world? Idk. It’s real in that the only things separating you from the animals are the walls of the bus you are in. You board this bus, and then pass through this double gate into the safari place. The animals just kind of sit on the side of the road and you drive by them. Occasionally they come near the bus, so you can see them up close. When we were driving, a bear came to the bus driver’s window -it had metal bars across it- and stuck its paw in between the metal bars and was pawing at the bus driver. Needless to say, I was freaked out, and the bus driver basically took off dragging the bear by the paw for a few meters.


Besides the rollercoasters and the safari, there’s this really nice garden. All the mom’s in the group wanted to see the flowers.


I got this picture online. The flowers were not this pretty when we went.

There’s even something of a monkey and other random animals zoo-like exhibits. What we noticed were that the exhibits were built in a way that it didn’t look that difficult for an animal to escape. The monkeys could easily climb trees in the exhibits and jump over the fence. But they didn’t. So that was good.

In the garden they have this giant stage and they have shows every night. The wall of the stage is like a screen, so they project images and make movies with it. I took a vid of it but it’s not letting me put it on here. :<

I didn’t really understand the show that well -they talked a lot, and it was all in Korean- but I think I kind of understood the storyline. I think yesterday’s park theme was Russia? Everything was “lushia”. The show was about “lushia”. They kept talking about “lushia”. Apparantly Russia has giant birds that destroy evil minions and kill their pet dragon’s? Idk. The show was colorful. That’s all that matters.

My cousin’s little kids are coming soon. Maybe we’ll take them to Everland. Maybe this time we won’t get lost on the way. Or maybe we’ll just play it safe and stick to Lotte World.

One memory maker: I got myself an obnoxious animal-ear headband. Win.


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I go halfway around the world and what do I continue to buy? SOCKS. Which makes you, like, cool!

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