It’s a pride issue.

June 16, 2010 at 6:57 AM 1 comment


So remember that post I made last month about the loudspeaker propaganda?

Well, it’s not SNSD. As far as I know. At least not now.

It’s worse.

I hear this song in almost every hip(er) place that I go. And it’s constantly on repeat. The first few times I heard it I disregarded it as your typical overexcited kpop scene. The more I hear it the less I like it. Not that I liked it much to begin with. But when I read this little tidbit of information, it makes all the more sense.

I actually went these entire two weeks not knowing who sings this song. I found out about ten minutes ago. I’m not surprised. I’ve heard of this group’s existence before…but I never really took the time to actually find out more about them. Their group name enough brings me to interesting accusations. Couldn’t they have like..added an “S” to make it at least grammatically correct? But I guess to have something you -or rather your entertainment company- made being used as a diplomatic tactic? I suppose it is…encouraging?

On my Tae-yeon syndrome post, I mentioned most kpop groups are downright unnecessary. As I disclaimer, I AM not EXPLICITLY saying this group is ENTIRELY unnecessary. :> Please don’t mention these girls and 2NE1 in the same sentence.

I don’t even know if I want to post the YT vid on here, it’s so embarrassing.

Well, at least the vid seems to be stitched together nicely…and they can dance pretty well. I like the introduction by BEAST. Ki-kwang will forever have a special place in my heart (High Kick Through the Roof FTW). And a few of them are kinda pretty. And I guess the lyrics kinda motivate you to not care about what others think…which is good…

But when you read the lyrics think about how this song was specifically chosen to be broadcasted clear over the 38th parallel northward. Then you will understand how I feel. *Don’t forget to turn the subs on! Bottom right corner, click on cc.

Now that I have that out of my system. Back to what I originally was going to write about before I had a brain overload.

I’m the only Korean in my level-one class.

I found out yesterday I’m the only Korean in all the level-one classes.

I don’t have much pride to begin with.

So I feel as if I should do well in my class. Wouldn’t that be so pathetic? A Korean who fails a Korean language course. Oh my goodness that would be so embarrassing. It’s embarrassing enough to be in the level-one class to start with.

The only Korean -besides food- I’ve ever known is what my my grandparents say to me. And what my uncles and aunts yell at each other with. And what they yell at my older cousins with. Or when they say a Korean verb, and then subconsciously add an -ing to the end of it (mostly my cousins). Yea, not really the textbook honorific Korean I’m learning now, haha.

My mom tells me at least once a day that it should come naturally for me, haha. It’s kind of awkward to say everything so nicely. (It’s like going from “give it here, punk” to “please hand me that item” No one actually calls me punk in my family -at least I don’t think so- but I added it for dramatic effect, haha.) I think my mom is somewhat weary of helping me. She tried to help my sister last year, and my sister ended up failing that assignment. Needless to say she was in level 3 and I am in level 1. So I don’t know if I will fall into that predicament.

I am actually studying a lot. I feel this will help me for college this fall as I will not have to force myself out of a no-studying funk. Our homework doesn’t really take that long, so I spend an extra 45 minutes or so studying each day. We typically are out all day on weekends, so on weekdays we just do smaller excursions.

Although yesterday we went a whole 23 subway stops (it took us an hour, I fell asleep with my head on my backpack sitting in my lap) to Dongdaemun clothing market. Not quite purely street vendors (well actually, there were many street vendors now that I think about it) but there are 4 or 5 GIANT buildings with 9-12 floors each stuffed with clothing stalls and a restaurant/cafe on one floor and a…gym on another? Granted, 95% of the clothing stalls in each category mirror each other (there were a few random rocker/military style stalls and a few undergarment stalls) but there were a few that stand out. There was one that we found, and boy, are we absolutely ecstatic that we found it.

The sell cute, handmade shirts from a Japanese clothing brand called Rough (the one on the left).


This shirt was actually kinda pricey for Dongdaemun. Heh. BUT we looked at the exchange rates online when we got home, and this shirt was listed as 8,960 yen on the price tag. Do you know what 8,960 yen in American dollars is? $98.22!!

YEA. NOT EVEN KIDDING. And I paid nowhere near $98.22 USD for this shirt. I didn’t even pay over $20 USD for this shirt.

And yes, that is my band senior blanket gift in case you were wondering. It keeps me quite warm.

The 바나나 우유 (banana milk) shirt is actually from the men’s floor. HAHA. And the sad thing is that it fits me a little too well…

But it’s super cute so I had to buy it.

Dongdaemun is like a needle in a haystack. Out of the 200+ stalls, you may like..3 of them.

Our kdramas are on TV! Time to finish this post up.



I (STILL) LOVE PARK JI-SUNG. (So does everyone else).

I’M EATING TOO MUCH. (But I think I’m actually losing weight).


I BOUGHT A 20-COLORED-SHARPIE-PEN SET LAST WEEK. COLORED PENS MOTIVATE ME TO STUDY. MY CLASSMATES ARE JEALOUS. (They’re actually probably not, they just think I’m obnoxious with my 20-colored-pen-set sitting awkwardly on my desk.)

The end.


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God of Study: Episode 10 I go halfway around the world and what do I continue to buy? SOCKS.

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  • 1. tim  |  June 16, 2010 at 11:44 AM

    i dont think you can eat too much korean food…its all healthy…
    unless you are just eating gogi…
    then you are just living the good life


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