Fake iPods. Yes.

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Photobucket Happiest place on earth. Home Plus super market. D. if you’re reading this, it is QUITE SUPER. And yes, that is Yu-na on the sign. She lives to advertise. And oh yea, she skates once in a while.

I know right, you come to a new country to explore and learn and be fascinated and eat.

And we get a TV. Oh goodness.

We mostly watch dramas on the 6 channels we get. Everything in our place comes to a screeching halt for Kang Ji-hwan’s “Coffee House” and Han Hyo-joo’s “Dong-yi”. Oh my mother and her sageuks.

I remember reading about show ratings (what percentage of people watching TV in the whole country at that moment in time is watching that particular show) but it’s kinda weird knowing we’re actually contributing to the ratings. Haha.

PhotobucketLast year staying in our rooms was painful. Three people in one room .75 of the size of my parents’ closet. This year our room is twice the size it was last year, but that makes it only 1.5 the size of my parents’ closet. So we got a T.V.

With my incredibly stingy mother, we manage to find one for us to use for free. With only one catch; it’s from the States. With different voltages, and a different plug. The plug is no issue, we’d just pop in a plug converter. But seeing how this TV is slightly more complex than per se, a hairdryer, and seeing how it’s not ours, we needed to get a voltage transformer. That doesn’t sound too complex does it?

We travel to a nearby mall and ask around. No one has one, some guy didn’t even know what it was. So we get a little more worried. We travel to another electronics store, this guy directs us to Yongsan. By now it’s 3:30, and I’ve been on my feet nearly the entire day. But my mother is as determined as heck. I figured it would be more painful to try and reason with her than just keep my mouth shut. So I begrudgingly follow.

Yongsan was about a 50 minute subway ride from where we were.

So we get to Yongsan, and I’m nearly given a heart attack by all the electronics available. Just imagine a whole building of flashing lights. And plasma screens. It was interesting.

As we walk around, I’m looking into the glass display boxes, and I see something I never quite thought could exist.

Fake iPods.

I’m all too familiar with fake Louis Vuitton, fake Gucci, fake Burberry, etc.

But not fake iPods. I wanted to take a picture, but I didn’t want to be accused of being a competitor or a reporter or an obvious annoying foreigner. Although by my face it was probably all too clear.

They looked like real iPods, but instead of your typical play/pause at the bottom, menu at the top, and fast forward/backwards on the sides, there were random play/pauses all over the place and volume labels. Haha.

What’s even funnier was that there was an actual authorized Apple reseller on site. Do these fake iPod sellers think anything of this?

Evidently not.

Cinderella 언니 ended last week. I know I raved this drama when it first started, “omg this drama is awesome”, “perfect acting”, “it’s a win”, etc. I stopped watching at episode 14. Hahaha. Past about..episode 10 I couldn’t handle much more angst. I was left clutching a pillow, awake at 2 in the morning, shouting at my computer as if my own emotion would hold the characters over. Through a screen. Moon Geun-young, I still think you’re awesome. Do better next time. Seo Woo, your alien eyes still scare me. Teac-yeon, I still think you’re adorable. Please get the girl next time. You deserved her more than that other flake. Ki-hoon, you’re cute, didn’t like your character. For those who didn’t watch it and wanted to know what happened, I just gave you the most accurate and necessary explanation. Have a nice day.Photobucket
I’m finding it sort of hard to finish dramas these days. I start one, get really excited at about episode…5 or 6, become really faithful at about 12-13, but once I get anywhere near the 20’s -if it even has 20 episodes- I get scattered. And eventually I leave it with one or two more left to go. In Cinderella’s case, 5 or 6 left to go.

Maybe since I’m actually IN the motherland now I should stop watching them altogether and actually go outside. Not that I haven’t been doing that in the first place.

*For those who have been reading until now, I love you dearly.

The meat picture I took. It was good. I’ll post more pictures. More will be up on my facebook. So please look there too.


Hello Big Bang. Nice to see you too. Hope to see more of you in the future, eh?

This text wrapping is pretty nice! I never knew this existed, haha. Sorry guys for having previously uglier-laid out posts. Now they shall be even more visually appealing. And visually aid..ing. This is probably really messy too, but I’ll work on it. More pictures to come.

PhotobucketThis is how they make 40 million people in one city possible.

PhotobucketKorean attempts spelling enchants me.

From my mother’s burst of newfound energy, I now know that Dong-yi is on TV. Time to go contribute to ratings.

*Disclaimer: All pictures except Taec’s were taken by me. K, thanks.


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Yesterday I saw a little boy getting a perm. I don’t know how I feel about it. A cultural awareness check.

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