FOB. Fresh off the 비행기.

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I’ve ridden an airplane 50+ times. And each experience is a little different than the others. In an airplane/port you can encounter so many different kinds of people and bad attitudes. Perhaps it’s the high-stress environment that puts everyone on edge. But what’s ESPECIALLY bad are the international flights.

My interesting adventures started out even before we got to the gate. Me, my sister, and my mom were waiting to put our carry-on’s in the scanner thingie, and we were each stopped to do a full-body scan. Ok, maybe if it was just my mom or sister I wouldn’t have thought much about it. But all of us were scanned. In a row. It was strange. And then as I was putting on my shoes I realized: OH MY GOD. EVERY Korean is getting a full-body scan. Every one. HAHAHA.

What, are Americans afraid of communist spies in the States or something? I watched in half amazement, half disbelief at these security measures. Yes, Korea is going through something of a rough patch diplomatically right now, but I don’t think drastic measures are really necessary. At least not right now.

It was so awkward getting treated like, like a suspected terrorist or something. These poor innocent middle-eastern people go through this everytime they go to the airport! How horrible! I have a newfound understanding of their situation.

Out of a 13.5 hour flight, there is one large perk. You can catch up on the movies you haven’t seen yet. I watched “How to Train Your Dragon”, “Avatar”, “Actresses” a Korean movie, and half of “Alice in Wonderland”. Avatar was overrated. Alice was kinda creepy.

Everything was going ok so far on the flight, I was thoroughly entertained with the baby that sat next to me, and we had an hour and a half left or so, and we hear this:

“JU! JU! JU! JU! JU! JU! JU! JU! JU! JU! JU!”

And I’m like freaking out over here thinking someone had a heart attack or something. There was a kid sitting behind us that we didn’t even know about until he had this spaz attack. Sitting on an airplane for 11 hours is not healthy. This kid needed to let out his energy.

His mom successfully calmed him down after a few minutes. But about an hour later we hear this:


I am not even kidding. He said NOM. Multiple times. It was hilarious.

It’s so strange being back. I almost felt like we never left, but it’s been a year. Wow.

This is going to be an awesome summer.

More updates to come. Stay tuned.

Song of the day:

This was a travel ad for Seoul with SNSD (why do I talk about them so much on here) and Super Junior.

Kyu-hyun is actually in this one. :>


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