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Photobucket Certain issues require two posts in one day.

I definitely typed a two-paged post in my technology class on Thursday, but I saved it as a draft to be edited and enhanced later. And then I find out today my sister wrote on her blog exactly what I already had typed out. I love it when this happens. So here is an edited version of what I originally had. But if you feel you want to read her’s (less sarcastic and possibly less entertaining JK) here’s the LINK.

I’m getting so far behind on my “God of Study(ies)”. Sorry guys. But this can’t wait.

Pretty much every single post I’ve written -excluding the Nicholas Sparks one- has been about Koreans. Sorry. Again.

So as the Korean conflict was quickly escalating (I think the oil spill issue is pretty much the #1 issue right now) the Koreans are trying to -calmly- instate each other’s beliefs into the other. Seeing how the North is exporting all things Southern, it’s not easy to talk to them. So the South has reverted to the more *cough, traditional ways of communicating safely.

Loudspeaker Propaganda being one of them.

PhotobucketOh man…

No, I’m not kidding. Last Monday, South aired its first…message…across the border via…large spaceship lookin’ loudspeakers entitled “Voice of Freedom”. It is played three times a day.

But that’s not the only safe way of propaganda. They’ll also drop leaflets by airplane. And set up giant electric…billboards.

For a country that is a world leader in technology (two-way video chat is nearly standard on all cell phones) their peace efforts seem quite…primitive. Something like a child trying to relay a message to a bunch of adults.

Even while the South’s efforts may seem…interesting, what’s really interesting is how the North is responding. The commies have built a “show city” in the demilitarized zone called Kijongdong to show the rest of the world how nice North Korea is. I’m assuming this “city” is built like a giant movie prop? They apparently even flip the lights on and off periodically to trick people into believing people live there. FREAKY.

PhotobucketHere’s a pic of the “city”. And apparently it has the world’s tallest flagpole? Not surprising.

I’ve always had the illusion that North Korea was like, was like…one of those sci-fi movies. One of those movies where the protagonist travels through a dream-like land where everyone is freaky nice and oddly perfect. But through their smiles they have this spooky twitch in their eyes accompanied with a “Why so scared?”, and they all turn out to be robots. CREEEEEEPAYYYYYYYY.

*I’ve never been to North Korea, so I don’t know how it is really like. But if you have, feel free to describe how it really is. I would like to know.

But!! the interesting part of this post. So both sides have these crazy loudspeakers. What fun would it be if they only played speeches? So what do they do? THEY PLAY MUSIC!

Don’t get too excited right away, the North’s music scene (YES IT DOES EXIST) is heavily controlled by the gov, and so I’m pretty sure 115% if not 150% of the music is advertising the amazing-ness of Kim Jong-il. Or the amazing-ness of North Korea. Or the amazing-ness of Kim Jong-il in North Korea. Poor teenagers in North Korea. Frankly, poor everyone in North Korea.

However, in the South, the music scene is thriving. A new group pops up every week. Keeping track of new debuts is like keeping track of freshmen couples. Scary. I predict a majority of Koreans will be famous in 20 years. Hahaha. So according to my sister who read it from a source she can’t remember, the South Korean government has decided to use a…”popular girl music group”.

The first thing we thought of:



They probably did.

Well, I guess the song they choose can alter the mood one way or another.

Choice #1?

I guess this could work? A message like, C’mon North Korea! You can stand up on your own! You can do this! Fighting!

Or maybe not.

Choice #2?

Gee, gee, gee, gee NORTH KOREA FREAKIN’ STOP BEING SO DIFFICULT. I suppose this would be awkward. North Korea is not their first crush. Hopefully not.

Choice #3?

“Tell me your wish”??? NO. Oh GOOD LORD NO. South Korea will most definitely not be your genie.

Choice #4?

This song is basically telling an older boy to stop disregarding them like a kid-sister. So which side is the older boy and which side is the disregarded kid-sister?

And finally, Choice #5 (my fav):

AHAHAHAHAHA. HAHAHA. HAHA. HA. THIS ONE COULD WORK. It would be mildly offensive, yet fitting. No beating around the bush on this one. Quite literally, run you devil. Run. :>

In conclusion, Koreans are hilarious. End of story.

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