Be the Reds! (Again!)

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PhotobucketJerseys? Maybe? Hmm. I want one!

As the world cup comes closer, more and more groups are churning out their GOOOOOO FOOOTBALLLLL (or rather futbol) (if you know who I’m referring to, HAHA. P. if you’re reading this, I will most definitely miss your go football’s.)

This is an update from my last “Be the Reds” post. I gave some teasers last time so here are the real things.

***UPDATE!!!! Here’s a full-length music vid for “Smile Boy” Collab b/w Yu-na and Seung-ki.

Yu-na did ANOTHER collaboration?!?! WHEN DOES THIS GIRL ACTUALLY HAVE TIME TO PRACTICE HER ICE SKATING?!? But at least she’s choosing the right people to work with. Lee Seung-ki? No complaints there. None at all. :>

And here is the music vid for the Yu-na/Big Bang song I posted in the last “Be the Reds”. She’s cute! Well, with BB, you can’t really go wrong. :>

**And congrats to BB for being asked to join the “Summer Sonic” music festival held in Japan yearly. They will be joining big names like Taylor Swift, SUM 41, STEVIE WONDER (OMG), and other ridiculously famous people. You can check out the event here. LINK Many recognizable people have performed including: Coldplay, Lady Gaga, The Academy Is, Alicia Keys, My Chemical Romance, Boys like Girls, Beyoncé, etc. The list goes on.

Oh, and remember how this had a whole story behind it (Shouting Korea) -where they try to find the loudest person in Korea and they find Yu-na to sing a FIFA song with- and I couldn’t find all the parts subbed. Well, I DID!!! So have fun. I have yet to watch the whole thing, but my sister said it’s fun.

Part 2

Part 3

And Part 4. Part 5 is the music vid I posted second.

Here’s the 2AM full music vid for their FIFA song “Number 1”. *For the record, I was hesitant to put this on here. I didn’t want to further the stereotype that asian men are feminine. This doesn’t help that situation at all. But I think ignoring the hair, outfits, and awkward dancing, this is a cute song. Just disregard Jo-kwon.

And finally, my fav. cross-your-arms-and-bounce-around guys. The actual music vid for FIFA. Daily dose of Super Junior:

WTH why are only like 7 of them on here? AND WHERE IS KYU-HYUN?? Su ju is not Su ju without Kyu-hyun. He’s my favorite. :<

Goodness, 8 vids in one post? That definitely took me like…45 minutes to collect those all. I should win an award or something.

Anyways, update for May 26th. Perhaps more will come.

So again, would someone like to tell me when MBLAQ will participate in this??

PhotobucketCheckin’ out a Nike for Korea FIFA 2010 shirt. Yuhhhh.

Disclaimer: All information on “Summer Sonic” taken from, wikipedia


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Babies! Not ALL Asians look alike. Just about one out of every seven or so.

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