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PhotobucketOMG. SO. CUTE. Look at the Japanese baby. She has no eyes, haha.

I love babies. Everyone loves babies. There’s something about holding the little bundle of joy in your arms and melting a little on the inside. Even the most cold and insensitive person can’t resist those adorabwal widdle cheekies and toesies. Whenever a family friend has a new baby, my sister and I are always fighting over who gets to hold the baby. :> The babies usually like me better. Just kidding. Haha. Little babies smell so nice all the time! *Sigh. I’m excited to be a mom someday.

PhotobucketThis made my day. Yoo Seung-ho and babies. Two of my favorite things.

According to an online source (which got its info from a government regulated adoption website) South Korea has the world’s oldest adoption agency, started in the 1950’s because of the Korean War. More than 200,000 children have been adopted from Korea. But as the country’s economy has improved over the past few decades or so, adoptions outside of Korea have become a concern. (Sorry Katherine Heigl).

So in 2003, photographer Cho Se-hyeon started a campaign called “Letters from the Angels” to promote adoptions of Korean babies to stay inside Korea. The campaign people pulled together celebrities and put them together with babies that are up for adoption. If you’re going to be in Korea sometime soon, this year’s exhibition will be held in GuangZhou (I actually have no idea where in Korea this is. I tried to google it, but all I got were places in China. I’m guessing this is an awkward Korean-to-English word transition. Perhaps Guang-Ju? Guang-Jow?) starting May 19th. I know I want to go. Looking at these pics, who wouldn’t want to adopt a Korean baby? Or perhaps the baby and the celebrity the baby is with (Seung-ho) :>.

I’ve known about this campaign for awhile now, but Seung-ho’s participation for this year’s made me want to blog about it. :> Perhaps in the coming weeks more photos will surface, and I’ll share them with you guys.

Anyways, fan-mode aside, here are some adorable pics of celebrities with babies up for adoption from this campaign over the past few years. Enjoy! *I don’t know everyone’s names, sorry! But their faces may be recognizable to you!

PhotobucketGirl group KARA


Goong’s grandma, and a lady I don’t know


PhotobucketThe Wondergirls

PhotobucketEveryone’s favorite prince and lawyer, Joo Ji-hoon

PhotobucketOne of my fav. actresses, Yun Eun-hye. We have the same name!

PhotobucketBig Bang’s G-Dragon/ Kwon Ji-yong


PhotobucketTop-left, Big Bang’s Tae-yang, Bottom-left Lee Da-hae, Bottom-right GD
PhotobucketBehind the scenes of the photoshoot
PhotobucketBallad singer Lee Seung-ki
PhotobucketSeung-ho from 2009’s campaign, discovered this during BCIS :>
PhotobucketAt the actual exhibit, Jung Gyeo-woon with photographer Cho Se-hyeon
PhotobucketActor Kim Sung-su

And again, in case you missed it. My fav by far. :>


Seung-ho’s right here is from this year’s, all the other ones are from 2007, ’08, or ’09.

So would someone like to tell me when MBLAQ or the rest of Big Bang are going to participate?? :>

PhotobucketWho wouldn’t want to see these handsome guys holding adorable babies?


*Disclaimer: all credits go to,, All pictures and official information are taken from these three websites.


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