Be the Reds!

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PhotobucketInteresting collaboration. Big Bang (yay) needs to come back to Korea. Yesterday.

I decided to stop adding the date…I ran out of different ways to put it. I update this thing too much anyways I don’t think you’ll need it. I’ll just have to accept the fact that this layout doesn’t completely adhere to all things ridiculously organized the way I like it.

And I made myself a batch of polymer clay cupcakes! Here’s my favorite one:

PhotobucketSorry for the cruddy quality. Mac photobooth in bad lighting is no bueno. But it does the job.I’m too lazy to whip out my real camera. Sorry.

They’re $2 in case you were wondering. :> They were 3, but I singed the bottoms slightly. :< So now they’re 2.

My sister showed me this “Be the Reds” video today. There is actually a cute little story that accompanies the audio clip song, but I could only find the first part actually subbed. And my Korean stills are not adequate enough to fully understand what they’re saying. So I decided to skip that. But if your Korean skills are adequate, here you go:

Hmm this makes me excited! I knew FIFA was a HUGE deal in Korea, but I didn’t quite understand how early -or rather how integrated- the whole nation’s spirit activities were. I’m pretty sure SNSD starting advertising the tourney in like…March.

PhotobucketIt’s amazing how much Korea loves their celebrities. Well I suppose it’s easy since everyone is the same ethnicity. Haha. No Shakira-is-not-African-so-why-is-she-singing-the-theme-song issues.

No, I’m not kidding. LINK

Not all FIFA collaborations are quite as -successfully- cute as BB and Yu-na’s. Some are just kind of awkward.

I usually think 2AM is pretty good. Here, they’re a little awkward. Jo-kwon never makes the situation any better. I can imagine him bullied as a child.

Here’s a brand-new one. Suju anyone?

They will forever go down in history as the cross-your-arms-and-bounce-around dance people.

**UPDATE. An even NEWER one, this one has Rain! Well…for like a second.

Anyways, THIS is the song my sister gave me. Cute!

Yu-na’s voice isn’t half so bad.

Today was an exciting day. Not one, not even two, but THREE new songs. (Including the one above.)

Here’s a new Big Bang for Japan’s Iris OST. COME BACK TO YOUR HOMELAND!

I like the 1920’s feel. Classy, gangster, angst, love, guns, detectives all rolled into one. **It’s in Japanese/English in case you were wondering. Big Bang is KOREAN. They are all Korean, they usually sing in Korean, but they recently debuted in Japan. Which they need to hurry up and make a comeback in Korea. WHICH THEY ARE THIS SUMMERRRRRR YAYYYY!

AND MBLAQ’S COMEBACKKKKKK!!!!! YAYYYYYYYY!! *disregard the neon rollerblading outfits, I don’t like them, their stylist needs to be fired, if they go on stage with those things on I will have sympathy for them.

OK THE STORYLINE. For all you noobs out there.

* UPDATED. Joon is an assassin. He was paid to kill the girl he fell in love with (I’m still debating as to whether or not he was paid to get close to her, but regardless he fell in love with her), but she left him so he’s struggling between loving her (saving her from death) or killing her (his revenge). The song is about forgiveness or revenge. *The MV shows the progression of his initial hatred and revenge (him driving with the constant death glare) to him remembering what life was like with her. He starts to melt on his way to meet her. But before he leaves, he pockets a check -I assume a check he received with the order to kill her. He finds her in a bar and pulls her aside. He struggles to shoot her as he remembers all the “memories” they had together, and so I THINK he shoots somewhere else and she faints out of shock. Or he shoots her somewhere that knocks her out but doesn’t kill her. Joon, overwhelmed by life in general, heads out and is in a bout of frusturation. He tosses the check in to the air showing how he can’t kill her, and he gives up trying to “erase her” from his heart. The girl later moves and opens her eyes, hence… she is alive. And to reaffirm it, he writes on the paper “for the last time I will give you a chance”. THE END. He doesn’t kill the girl, and she’s given another chance. Forgiveness it is.

No matter how much I love MBLAQ, their neon outfits bother me. Let’s just stay with the black. Or even a dark blue would be nice.

Not entirely sure what “Y” means. But that’s ok.


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