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The things I discover on YouTube…100513

You guys know how much time I spend on YouTube.

I’ve actually learned quite a bit off of there, like…

-how to thread eyebrows -it really works. well. It hurts like crazy. But it works.
-how to cut hair -I’ve never tried it. The video makes it seem easy, I don’t want to risk it.
-how to get rid of acne -no real answer as if it has worked, if you have seen me recently you may think otherwise…
-how to get rid of acne scars -yes, it works
-how to use my macbook -everyday I discover new things. Like today I discovered how to assign certain symbols to certain keystrokes in Microsoft Word. I assigned control+- to be a long dash “–“. It annoys me WordPress doesn’t have this long dash. Or at least I don’t know how to do it yet.
-how to stretch clothing
-a lot of Korean vocabulary
-3298509846 different things about make-up -I don’t really wear make-up, I don’t have time or money. And I have this weird phobia that if I did wear a lot of make-up on a regular occasion, I would someday end up without it and people wouldn’t recognize me.
-292850946 different hairstyles -I have yet to try 3/4 of them.
-SOMETHING IMPORTANT. REVIEWS. -Before I consider buying something (anything: face wash, hair products, a new CD, a new bag, computer program, new headphones *I’ve been researching that awhile.. , etc.) Most likely there will be a review on it. More than one. And some people are brutally honest.

And the list goes on. And on. I’ve decided to stop there because I would like to go to sleep tonight.

Oh yea, and I watch YouTube for the other normal things like music videos and comedians…

But today I dove into a WHOLE NEW CATEGORY OF VIDEOS. Craft Videos???


I’m crazy.


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