Talent? Or possibly too much time on her hands? May 7th (Happy Anniversary M&D!)

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Something an iPhone can do is finally worth my time.

And its worth has been found by an unlikely person. A girl. A Korean girl. A Korean girl who totally redefines “There’s an app for that”.

Meet Kim Yeo-hee. A.K.A. “applegirl002”.

PhotobucketYes those are iPhones. And yes, there are FOUR of them.

So this girl has found a unique use of the iPhone(s). By hooking up multiple iPhones (I suspect this is also achievable with iTouches in case you wanted to give it a shot), Yeo-hee has been able to make something of a do-it-yourself band. She supplies the vocals (which are quite good I must say), and then she is a one-man, errr…woman band.

She “debuted” through YouTube in March, and has skyrocketed in popularity ever since. She’s become so popular that Dream High Entertainment signed her on, and her first “official” debut will be in May. I’m looking forward to it!

Check out her current vids on her YT page:

No matter how much you guys know I don’t like Lady Gaga, this girl pulls it off pretty well. Although I don’t really understand her accent that well. I picked up words like “on this iPhone”, “beat app”, “verse 1” and something about T-Pain. But beyond that, it’s a little hard to understand her English. But when she sings, her accent is barely there.

This one is my favorite. Her singing skills are really showcased here, and the guitar is awesome. I showed this to my mom and she was pretty amazed too, haha. Kudos to the girl for understanding drum beats and guitar chords.

This one has only one iPhone, much to my dismay. But she still pulls it off quite well. I don’t know this song, but it was nice to listen too. She even plays the piano. Heck, this girl is talented. My favorite part? No autotune. Autotune is for nubcakes.

I most definitely subscribed to her, haha. I think she’s pretty cool. And pretty talented.

credits to “popseoul.com” <—- where I found out about iPhone girl.


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