Something bad turning into something good…6/5/10

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PhotobucketI love musicals. Just maybe not in Korean.

Today I experienced my first night school session. It used to be referred to as “Wednesday Night School”, but I guess too many kids end up getting stuck in it…so now they have Thursday Night School. And evidently Tuesday Night School as well.

I have to say, those three hours were the most productive three hours I’ve had in a very, very, very long time. I went through my entire physics notebook. And I made my own Sparknotes chart for physics. Modern physics is becoming (more) understandable for me.

OH MAH GOODNESS. I’m done with school in a week, haha. I talked with my BCIS teacher today, and she’s being incredibly nice about my make-up work, etc. After this week I’ll need to carry..a purse to school. :>

1st period: Band

2nd period: BCIS

3rd period: movie watching time physics

4th period: HOME

Life is good.

Apparently the calc class watched “Modern Family” today. HAHAHAHA.

I can already see this post is not going to be as focused as the last one I wrote.


T-25 days until I leave

T-36 days until the first World Cup game (S. Africa v. Mexico)

T-37 days until Korea plays in the World Cup (v. Greece)

T-100 days until I come back from Korea :<

T-104 days until my birthday! yuhhhh

T-109 days until first day of classes!

So a while ago, I discovered a little something. Everyone’s favorite SHINee member, Onew, is in a musical entitled “Brothers Were Brave”!!!


Of course I wanted to see it.

It’s showing until June 20th, so we would be able to make it in time! And then I found out how much it was. Musicals in Korea cost the same as musicals in America. I’m not going to shell out 60+ dollars to watch something that I’ll understand 15-20% of. Even that’s stretching it.

Sorry Onew. Maybe next time.


Besides Korean musicals, there has been something else I’ve been thinking about lately.

What do…

Message in a Bottle A Walk to Remember The Notebook Nights in Rodanthe Dear John The Last Song True Believer and  The Lucky One have in common?

Besides them all being movies (the last two are scheduled to premiere in 2011 and 2012) they are all books. Written by the same person.

Nicholas Sparks

I thought this was kinda funny the first time I heard this. I’ve never read any of the books listed above -nor do I have any plans to do so soon- so I don’t have clear opinions on his writing skills. However, knowing the general gist of what happens in those stories, it really impresses me knowing a man wrote them.

I’m especially cautious of getting into the “teenage book trends” (I knew Twilight was a bad idea even before it got popular), and I see Nicholas Sparks’s books the same way. My friends keep telling me to read his books, evidently he’s quite the gifted writer, but I’m not too keen on reading books that are going to make me depressed.

I just read the summary for The Last Song on Wikipedia, it made me depressed.

(Maybe knowing that Miley Cyrus was the star in The Last Song already makes me not want to read or watch it.)

Anyways, feel free to give your opinions on Nicholas Sparks or whatever he wrote.

Some of my friends get very defensive when I start talking about Nicholas Sparks.

Song of the day, (I think I’m going to make this a regular thing):

I loved this song since the first time I heard it. Clazziquai = love.

And yes, that is Jun-ki.


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