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May 4, 2010 at 12:02 AM 3 comments

Not to be mistaken with Tae-yang. Oh, please no.

Photobucket네가 입은 Wedding Dress…

So about Tae-YEON, my sister and I came to a conclusion. Yes, we actually discussed this.

Photobucket소원을 말해봐…

I will agree to the statement that most kpop groups are pathetic. Few are talented, most are annoying, even more make me ashamed of my ethnicity. (Nobody be hatin’ on 2NE1, as they are completely and totally awesome). Many are taken in for their looks and THEN taught how to sing. *Cough, Cough Khun from 2PM. No matter how good looking he is (minus the gorilla-brows), he was not meant to be a singer. Model perhaps?


This coincides with a conclusion we made not too long ago. Some of the really talented groups don’t have very attractive people. However Big Bang’s looks grow on you. Although G-Dragon still reminds me of a hamster.

I would list who I would classify as untalented, or annoying, or downright unecessary, but I don’t want haters. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

SNSD is like a middle group for me.


I never “disliked” them, but I never considered myself a fan. When I first heard of them, my reactions were, “OMG nine girls!? In one group!? That would be like…PMS central.” or “Too much estrogen in one concentration.” Sorry for the TMI. This is why I will never join a sorority. I AM INCAPABLE of living in a whole building of girls that see each other and are forced to work together on a constant basis. I would go crazy.

I really like their song “Dear Mom”. Here’s a YT vid, check it out:

It’s a tad bit pitchy, but it’s a good song. :> And of course, this is a song not many people think of when they think of SNSD.

But besides that song, everything else…is kind of…to peppy/cheerleader/over-the-top for me.

So back to Tae-yeon (again), she’s clearly, and I MEAN CLEARLY the best singer. It’s ridiculous. Girl’s got some golden pipes.

This is my favorite solo song by Tae-yeon. It’s called “If” and is off the Hong Gil Dong OST (one of my favorite kdramas).

So in other words, she’s much, much, much better than SNSD. Or at least what SM (SNSD’s management company) gives her in SNSD. It’s almost painful to watch her perform with the other girls seeing how she’s clearly better than them. Tae-yeon can’t exactly belt out her voice while wearing ridiculous army outfits or their more recent cheerleading outfits. It doesn’t really help that they have to somewhat evenly distribute singing parts to eight other people. I know leaving a group is certainly more easily said than done; she’s been with them for nearly three years now. But if she were to go solo, I’d definitely support her.

I feel a group like SNSD is limiting her potential. SNSD’s not really known for talent. Some of the other girls can sing a little, like Seo-hyun (I think that’s her name, the youngest member), and Jessica, and Tiffany. Hyo-yeon can dance like nobody’s business. But SNSD is mostly known for catchy songs and…being hot. Nine girls in mini skirts. No, they’re not going for talent to attract their fans. She’s talented, but has nowhere to go to recognize her individual talent and let her separate from SNSD.

Hence the “Tae-yeon Syndrome”.

Hopefully a cure can be found.

As for music that I do listen to, here’s a small dosage of epic-ness, credits to my sister:

*Disregard the “Jo Kwon”. I know his flamboyancy creeps some people out. But here he seems to be…normal. And he’s a good singer. All of 2AM is amazing.


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3 Comments Add your own

  • 1. tim  |  May 5, 2010 at 7:28 PM

    PMS central.” or “Too much estrogen in one concentration.
    i thought this was the highlight of the piece
    and i agree
    im a 2ne1 fan and think they are really talented

  • 2. jihyunshee  |  May 20, 2010 at 12:15 AM

    btw it’s 니가 입는 wedding dress.
    you put 네가

  • 3. nokcha_icecream  |  May 20, 2010 at 6:57 PM

    iono. i looked it up online and that’s what they had online. i thought it was wrong too, but i just trusted them.


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