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God of Study: Episode 9

It seems the majority of the people who like God of Study mostly liked it for the kids and their interactions with each other. So I decided to focus more on the little things they do and make the…dragging parts less significant.


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Photobucket Certain issues require two posts in one day.

I definitely typed a two-paged post in my technology class on Thursday, but I saved it as a draft to be edited and enhanced later. And then I find out today my sister wrote on her blog exactly what I already had typed out. I love it when this happens. So here is an edited version of what I originally had. But if you feel you want to read her’s (less sarcastic and possibly less entertaining JK) here’s the LINK.

I’m getting so far behind on my “God of Study(ies)”. Sorry guys. But this can’t wait.

Pretty much every single post I’ve written -excluding the Nicholas Sparks one- has been about Koreans. Sorry. Again.

So as the Korean conflict was quickly escalating (I think the oil spill issue is pretty much the #1 issue right now) the Koreans are trying to -calmly- instate each other’s beliefs into the other. Seeing how the North is exporting all things Southern, it’s not easy to talk to them. So the South has reverted to the more *cough, traditional ways of communicating safely.

Loudspeaker Propaganda being one of them.


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Not ALL Asians look alike. Just about one out of every seven or so.


I like people-watching.

I know most of you reading this -if you know me- are not surprised. At all. Watching people in their natural habitats and ignorant of their actions being observed…it just fascinates me. One thing in particular, is how people look. Everyone (well most everyone, I do not mean to offend you if you don’t belong in the majority) has two eyes, a nose and a mouth, but the different ways they can be shaped or placed brings about 293830496808 of possibilities to make a person’s face…their face.

The average Caucasian may have a pointer nose, larger eyes, or more defined eyebrow bones. The average Asian may have a smaller, flatter nose, narrower eyes, and less defined eyebrow bones. Etc.

It’s interesting to think about how Dirk Nowitzki and I came from the same two people.


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Be the Reds! (Again!)

PhotobucketJerseys? Maybe? Hmm. I want one!

As the world cup comes closer, more and more groups are churning out their GOOOOOO FOOOTBALLLLL (or rather futbol) (if you know who I’m referring to, HAHA. P. if you’re reading this, I will most definitely miss your go football’s.)

This is an update from my last “Be the Reds” post. I gave some teasers last time so here are the real things.

***UPDATE!!!! Here’s a full-length music vid for “Smile Boy” Collab b/w Yu-na and Seung-ki.

Yu-na did ANOTHER collaboration?!?! WHEN DOES THIS GIRL ACTUALLY HAVE TIME TO PRACTICE HER ICE SKATING?!? But at least she’s choosing the right people to work with. Lee Seung-ki? No complaints there. None at all. :>


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PhotobucketOMG. SO. CUTE. Look at the Japanese baby. She has no eyes, haha.

I love babies. Everyone loves babies. There’s something about holding the little bundle of joy in your arms and melting a little on the inside. Even the most cold and insensitive person can’t resist those adorabwal widdle cheekies and toesies. Whenever a family friend has a new baby, my sister and I are always fighting over who gets to hold the baby. :> The babies usually like me better. Just kidding. Haha. Little babies smell so nice all the time! *Sigh. I’m excited to be a mom someday.

PhotobucketThis made my day. Yoo Seung-ho and babies. Two of my favorite things.


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Formspring? My first blog rant. Mark this day in history.

I don’t have my own formspring. I will never get my own formspring. Frankly, if you are someone who is constantly talked about behind your back, I highly recommend you don’t get one.

I know formspring has been around for a while now, it seems like the sudden fad is waning a little; reassuring news at most.

Don’t get me wrong, I think formspring can be a hilarious source of entertainment. I’ve “asked” a few questions myself -or rather posted statements- with the intention of the recipient knowing who I was. It was fun to see their responses. And some questions are funny. And the responses are even funnier.

However, it is not fun when someone posts something incredibly degrading hiding behind a this-is-completely-anonymous-so-you-won’t-know-it’s-me shield. I don’t really understand why you would open a door for something like that to happen. I’m not saying that I think lots of people would post things like that on mine, but there are many people who have had bouts of frustration and hurt because of what others posted. And why would you want people to see what they posted? It’s just embarrassing, and makes the uninvolved readers cringe. Especially if what they are saying is true. Because it seems from my observations that a great deal of it is not entirely false.


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Be the Reds!

PhotobucketInteresting collaboration. Big Bang (yay) needs to come back to Korea. Yesterday.

I decided to stop adding the date…I ran out of different ways to put it. I update this thing too much anyways I don’t think you’ll need it. I’ll just have to accept the fact that this layout doesn’t completely adhere to all things ridiculously organized the way I like it.

And I made myself a batch of polymer clay cupcakes! Here’s my favorite one:

PhotobucketSorry for the cruddy quality. Mac photobooth in bad lighting is no bueno. But it does the job.I’m too lazy to whip out my real camera. Sorry.

They’re $2 in case you were wondering. :> They were 3, but I singed the bottoms slightly. :< So now they’re 2.


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God of Study: Episode 8

My apologies for the sudden hiatus. The academic year is coming to a close and I finally passed my last few hurdles. Hello summer, and hello new God of Study recaps!


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The things I discover on YouTube…100513

You guys know how much time I spend on YouTube.

I’ve actually learned quite a bit off of there, like…

-how to thread eyebrows -it really works. well. It hurts like crazy. But it works.
-how to cut hair -I’ve never tried it. The video makes it seem easy, I don’t want to risk it.
-how to get rid of acne -no real answer as if it has worked, if you have seen me recently you may think otherwise…
-how to get rid of acne scars -yes, it works
-how to use my macbook -everyday I discover new things. Like today I discovered how to assign certain symbols to certain keystrokes in Microsoft Word. I assigned control+- to be a long dash “–“. It annoys me WordPress doesn’t have this long dash. Or at least I don’t know how to do it yet.
-how to stretch clothing
-a lot of Korean vocabulary
-3298509846 different things about make-up -I don’t really wear make-up, I don’t have time or money. And I have this weird phobia that if I did wear a lot of make-up on a regular occasion, I would someday end up without it and people wouldn’t recognize me.
-292850946 different hairstyles -I have yet to try 3/4 of them.
-SOMETHING IMPORTANT. REVIEWS. -Before I consider buying something (anything: face wash, hair products, a new CD, a new bag, computer program, new headphones *I’ve been researching that awhile.. , etc.) Most likely there will be a review on it. More than one. And some people are brutally honest.

And the list goes on. And on. I’ve decided to stop there because I would like to go to sleep tonight.

Oh yea, and I watch YouTube for the other normal things like music videos and comedians…

But today I dove into a WHOLE NEW CATEGORY OF VIDEOS. Craft Videos???


I’m crazy.


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Talent? Or possibly too much time on her hands? May 7th (Happy Anniversary M&D!)

Something an iPhone can do is finally worth my time.

And its worth has been found by an unlikely person. A girl. A Korean girl. A Korean girl who totally redefines “There’s an app for that”.

Meet Kim Yeo-hee. A.K.A. “applegirl002”.

PhotobucketYes those are iPhones. And yes, there are FOUR of them.


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