TIME, Really? These people are the most influential in the world? TGIF. April 30th, 2010.

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So Yu-na Kim (김 연아) placed third.

No real surprise at that. She has become -and will stay- a frequently used Korean word(s). I expect to see 4752974698374602 new ads of her when I re-visit the motherland. I already saw 95820946 ads of her the first time I was there:


For about week and half I didn’t know who she was. If I were to ask a random person on the street I would probably get ostracized for not knowing someone so significant of my own ethnicity. Or possibly jumped.


This is one of the many, many, many, many ads I saw of her. And I didn’t know who she was. Silly me.

(In case you were wondering, I knew a really good Korean skater existed, and said skater won the 2009 World Champs, but I didn’t know her name. Or what she looked like.)

And in case you were wondering her name is pronounced YEON-AH. Like yum, but with an N instead of an M, and AH, as in “ahhhhh” that feels nice.

Does she have the ability to influence? Are you kidding me? YES. 99% of Korean males ages 16-25 are in love with her. 99.9% of Korean girls want to be her. She is probably one of the richest people in the world (thanks to the 3929449879405 ads she’s in). And she was the first Korean to win a skating Olympic medal. And she won gold. So yes, she belongs on this list. And yes, at a very high spot.

Even her coach is having his bout of fame in Korea. He is probably the first most well-known and loved coach -by a whole nation-  in the history of the world. At least more than his own country will ever love him. Case-in-point. Check out this SAMSUNG A/C commercial Yu-na and Brian Orser filmed.

*The other girl, Kwak Min-jung/Min-Ji/Min-something, is another up-and-coming skater for S. Korea. At the Olympics she placed…13th. I had to look that up, haha. So I’m probably going to see her face around Seoul too. She was born in ’94. And is training to basically be the next Yu-na. I can tell you now, that is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

Most every Korean woman’s heartthrob Rain (비) placed 4th.

Yes, I am surprised. He’s been on this list before -multiple times if I can remember correctly- and more people actually know who he is than I thought. But he has yet to influence me…to do…something. If anything, I think I’m more influenced by his “trainee children” MBLAQ.

PhotobucketIt’s more difficult than you think to find a picture of him with a shirt on.

Does he have the ability to influence? I would say yes AND no. YES in that he is world-famous and many women people are in love with him, but at the same time, NO in that he wouldn’t know what to do with the power he has, or rather would have. And he doesn’t appeal enough to people outside of Korea. Nor do people outside of Korea really seem to care much about him. I think that he could fit on this list, but not nearly as high as he was placed.

His comeback is pretty much…FAIL for me. For someone who was in not one, but TWO American movies (and the MAIN CHARACTER in one of them) his English application skills are subpar. But if he (or anyone in MBLAQ) needs a tutor, I’d be more than happy to oblige, haha.

Photobucket2/5 of MBLAQ. I couldn’t resist.

And 5th, the person I love to dislike.

PhotobucketBack when she was…normal?

Do I think she’s talented? Yes, I actually do. She is much more talented than most US singers I can name. Do I think she is unique? Honestly, who wouldn’t think she is unique? Do I think she’s influential? …Yes. You should see how the kids at my school try to dress like her. Having influence over someone millions of people can be a great thing. And it can be a not-so-great thing. Don’t get me wrong, I am not condemning her anywhere, but Lady Gaga is simply not my cup of tea. She kind of just scares me. If you haven’t already, read the explanation of the symbolism for the MV for “Bad Romance”. I choose to think that I’m not smart enough to see how it’s genius.

Does she have the ability to influence? I kind of already answered this, but YES. She does. She most certainly belongs on this list whether I like it or not. Am I surprised she was placed that high? No, not really. What she does in the future however, is up in the air. She is incredibly unpredictable (a child could have told you that). I most definitely expect to see Lady Gaga re-occurrences on this list. For at least the next few years. Until fitting-in becomes the trend again.

Some other ones I simply laughed at:

6) Adam Lambert…*sigh and shakes head in embarrassment for America.
14) Robert Pattinson. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
21) Barack Obama. No, I didn’t laugh that he was on this list. I laughed that he was 21. Below Adam Lambert. AND Robert Pattinson. And Susan Boyle. And Conan O’Brien. And Apolo Ohno? OH NO. *Bahaha. Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.
34) Kanye West. Not really surprised, more like disappointed in America for voting him that high.
55) Ashton Kutcher. SAY WHAT?! WHAT HAS THIS BUM DONE??
61) Steve Jobs. Would someone like to tell me why Steve Jobs is below Kanye West. And Ashton Kutcher. Of all people.
71) Tiger Woods. Surprised he was that low.
89) George Clooney. No comment.
90) Alec Baldwin. Love 30 Rock, have no idea why he’s on this list.

And it goes on for a few more people.
If you want to check it out for yourself, here’s the LINK.

Oh, that was fun to write.

Here’s a new MV I discovered the other day. I was never really a fan of Gummy (weird name, good singer), but I can say that now I am. :> Enjoy.

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