So I’m sitting in my technology class… 4/27/2010.

April 27, 2010 at 1:52 PM 1 comment

Facebook has been blocked on my school’s computers since…sophomore year.
Photobucket has been blocked since…forever.

WordPress has yet to recieve this kind of treatment.
Good thing I didn’t discover this any sooner. Who knows how much more time I would waste in this class.

It was awesome to wake up at 8:30 and be more productive in three hours than I usually am for the 5 hours I’m at school.

Copied from Google. I can almost taste the glorious food now.

While I’m sitting here, I’m going to copy what a friend did on their blog; I’m going to make the ultimate To-Do list.

-Pray more. I have a tendancy to think I am suppose to do things on my own. Praying for help sometimes doesn’t even cross my mind. After I fail miserably, THEN I think maybe I should have done something to prevent this. Humans fail. Miserably.

-Get rid of unecessary things. I grew up something of a pack-rat. I liked to hoard things just in case disaster strikes. It gave me a sense of security as a child. But we moved 10+ times from house to apartment, to house, to new state, etc. Along the way my mother (a pack-rat’s worst nightmare) threw away “junk” by the garbage bag. I can confidently say my family has contributed to that growing landfill nearby. I’m becoming more and more like my mother. When I’m off to college, the last thing I want are little things making messes everywhere. It’s scary how clean I’ve become.

-Study. Enough Said.

-Buy shorts. Korea is going to be nasty. Enough humidity to make hair frizz to the moon. Maybe that’s why Koreans have straight hair. If our hair was naturally curly, the whole nation would be doomed to eternal bad hair days. God’s grace.

-Exercise. It’s not about being a size zero. It’s about being able to run two miles. Ok, if I tried hard enough, I could probably run two miles. But I don’t want to die early.

-Learn how to cook. I think I can cook, but I don’t really try. I’m slowly learning (thanks, mom) but my menu is limited. If I were to completely fend for myself, I would end up eating Korean sweet potatoes everyday.

-Mothers Day Gift?

Welll it’s almost time to go. Hmmmph.

I went on and I found the calorie burning sweatshirt I’ve wanted since September. They still sell it.

Googims Hooded Pullover - photo


I know I posted less than 16 hours ago, but I hope you guys enjoy this one too.

God loves you.

With that, I’m outttt….


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  • 1. jihyunshee  |  April 27, 2010 at 10:11 PM

    you’re still a packrat.


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