What I’ve been liking lately. MGY, you’re awesome. April Twenty-sixth, Two Thousand and Ten.

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Praise the Lord. TAKS week is upon us.

This week is going to be good. I can already see it.

I remember way back in marching season, I was really struggling to keep my head above water. Something about 7 AM rehearsals+clarinet choir+something called SCHOOL= me having the worst season of my life. Whoever said junior year was the hardest, WHAT A JOKE.

Anyways, I remember my dad telling me to look forward to when I have the heavenly PM off, and when I’m getting ready to leave. This semester was truly the break I needed. PM off is indeed heavenly. Whatever you hear about colleges not liking it…how I feel coming home at 2:00 trumps all previous doubts I had. It’s so tiring to be at school from 8:45-4:05 for me now, haha.

Moon Geun-young has been one person keeping me going. She rocks kdramas, and I hope she doesn’t come near the US anytime soon. She’s too awesome.


The ultimate Cinderella 언니.

*By the way, she’s nearly 23. I’m aware of the fact she looks like she’s 12.

Hm. I don’t really feel like a senior already. Maybe because I’m not going through the whole ceremonious/glorious/pomp and circumstance rituals the ideal senior goes through. (I already covered this two posts ago). Metaphorically speaking, it seems like the ideal senior ends the final paragraph of the HS chapter in the book of their lives, places a period at the end of the last sentence, and places the pen down. And  then slowly turns the page over to write “Chapter ___ College”.

I feel like I’ve written neatly up until…this January, and then I’ve taken a big red crayon and I’ve SDJGLK094UOHJ4OI2HQT0EHGOIQ8G9HW. All over it. And then I’ve taken a paintbrush and randomly put a period somewhere. And I’m already on paragraph 3 of the next chapter.

So much for a clean conclusion.

But, I feel…


I concluded my HS story 3.5 months ago. And I’ve never been better.

Back to my current obsession. CINDERELLA 언니.

(Cinderella *Unnie) *Unnie is a term used by a younger sister to talk to an older sister. Moon Geun-young plays the older sister while Seo Woo plays the younger sister.


For those in need of some visual aide.

This has got to be one of the BEST I’ve seen in a while. Granted, it’s only aired 8 episodes so far, but I’m looking forward to them!

Geun-young plays such a complex person and pulls off the secretly hurt, yet solid-as-a-rock character nearly effortlessly. Seo Woo (the girl on the bottom right, she looks like a Barbie) is catching up. And 2PM’s Taec (bottom left) is doing adorably. I’m always dubious about singer-turned-actors, (SON DANBI, THAT ONE GUY IN BOF, THAT ONE GIRL IN TRIPLE…just to name a few failures) but he’s doing good. Maybe it’s because he hasn’t said many lines yet, haha.

Moon Geun-young in action. Dang. Look at that death stare.

I hope KBS doesn’t fall into the “Boys Over Flowers” trap of trying to wring every last penny out of the publicity and extend the drama an unnecessary 8 or even 10 episodes. No matter how much I like this one, I want it to end strongly. And not barely hanging on to viewers. Or leaving viewers rolling their eyes at the now-ridiculous plot. Not that BOF’s plot was outstanding to begin with.

It makes me appreciate my 언니 more. Maybe because she isn’t quite the awesome jerk that Moon Geun-young is. Or that I’m not quite as dense as Seo Woo.

So there is my random current obsession. All you Koreans out there, you know what I mean.

*If any of you out there are interested, go to http://www.mysoju.com and look for “Cinderella’s Sister”. You can watch it directly on the website (WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES) part by part.

So as I continue watching this drama and enjoying the (somewhat of a remainder) of my senior year, I encourage you guys out there (yes, people besides you are reading this, I have a status update here on WordPress) to enjoy the last few weeks of school, enjoy your TAKS break, find something new you’re interested in.


Look what I found…

To finish on a good note, a song I’ve been loving lately:


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