T-37 days & a little bit of 2NE1. No, I Don’t Care. 100425

April 25, 2010 at 3:42 AM Leave a comment

37 days left until I’m gone from home for the longest time in my life.

I’m ready, so…


thoughts on a lazy Saturday night… (eh eh eh eh eh eh eh ehyeeee 2NE1!)


Yes, don’t laugh. I’m a huge fan of 2NE1. Something about them screams, “FEMINISM”. But in an appealing manner. On one Korean Pop Culture doc. I watched, 70% of 2NE1’s fans are female. I most definitely believe it.

I love this song. :>

and when I grow out my hair (attempt #11), I’m going to do it like this:(taken off of YT via Mac Grab, sorry for the cruddy quality)

PhotobucketJK. I don’t know if I could pull it off. Haha.

I think my level of excitement is keeping my whole family on their toes, haha. My mom was never particularly overly-energetic like me, but I know she’s excited too. She went through enough stress already trying to coordinate the plane tickets, who wouldn’t be excited after having all that stress finally gone? She gets to see her high school friends. Haha. I think that’s amazing. How a group of three friends who grew up in the same church can be friends for…3o years? Last summer me, my mom, and sis went with one of her friends to the DEEP DEEP shigol, (Korean word for “country”) to meet up with another one of her friends. It was actually really nice to get away from the city. If it wasn’t for the darn monsoons, we would have walked around a little bit more. They spoke a mixture of Korean and English, filing in Korean words for whatever the English language doesn’t have. (Which there are actually quite a lot).

Reminiscing in front of my computer reminds me of that one FB fan what is it now? like? page, “You’re not best friends unless you’re constantly insulting each other.” It’s true.

My only question is what my dad will do that long by himself. When my mom went to Korea for two weeks, I think my dad and I ate out every single one of those nights. Hahaha.

There is one thing I REALLY want from Korea. (Ok, I have a list of like 39580294672 things I want from Korea). But what I really, really want is a “Be the Reds” FIFA 2010 shirt. YUHHHHHHH. So yes, I’m probably going to go to the 3AM broadcastings of the games, and yes, I’m probably going to get trampled in the process of doing so.

PhotobucketThis may actually be an understatement.

HMMM….time needs to go by….FASTER….


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