taking a stab at writing about my life. April 22nd. 2010.

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The last blog I had that I was faithful to was my Xanga. HA. Oh, how the times have changed.

This is the part of the year where it’s a wrestle to study. For AP tests. What a joke. Studying for Gov. isn’t that bad, but for Econ, I’m reading things and learnings things for the first time. Seeing how my teacher didn’t know how to figure out slope-nor did she seem to care-I’m not feeling terribly confident.

But one thing that has been good lately; I’ve been talking to my mom a whole lot more. I love my parents so much. I’m aware of the “typical teenage syndrome” where your parents don’t know anything, they treat you like a child, etc. I never really felt that. Haha. Sometimes when friends would invite me somewhere, I’d rather just opt to stay home and talk with the ‘rents. Especially since my sister is in the ATX, and my dad travels a lot these days, I sit at the dinner table with my mom for hours at a time. It amazing what you can learn from parents if you’re just willing to listen and cooperate. My mom is hilarious. Both my parents are hilarious. I’m the more of the cynical, bitter one of the family. I’m sure my sister will attest to that.

Let’s not talk about school…..let’s go far, far, far away from that….



Ok, now that I have that out of my system…


1) Haha. I’m definitely not a typical senior. Let’s see….

1) I didn’t take senior pictures. I’m not really that photogenic (I prefer to think I’m much prettier in person, haha…jk) and I was to lazy to make an appointment, pick out clothes…etc.

2) I didn’t go to homecoming. I went once. When I was a sophomore. And I had a blast. I did the whole mum deal, corsage (sp?) deal, etc. But this year we had a marching band contest, and after one of those…again, laziness set in. Haha. And I’m very stingy about my money. EXTREMELY. I have no problem spending other people’s money. HA. My father can attest to that.

3) I didn’t get a senior page in the yearbook. Seeing all the effort my sister went through, it seemed like too much work. And I didn’t take nice senior pictures to put in it. So yea.

Are you beginning to see a pattern here?

4) I look like a freshman. I have an uncle that still thinks I’m in middle school. If he actually realized I was going to college next year, he would have a heart attack. There is also a kid that I see on a regular basis. He asked me…seven times? what grade I was in. Whenever I responded “senior”, he always says something along the lines of, “SENIOR?! I thought you were a sophomore!” Ok, so sophomore, freshman same same. But I choose to believe that I’ll look 35 when I’m 50. :>

5) I didn’t go to prom. Ok, yes I know, high school social…no-no. I WAS invited to prom groupS. So yes, I DO have friends. Thank you very much. I had a feeling I would have to pay for everything, (which was made an AFFIRMATIVE by my mother, thanks mom) and I don’t have the funds to shell out $60 for a ticket, plus who knows how much more for a dress, shoes, etc. Well, I do have the funds, but there is a list of about 395820952 things I would buy before a prom ticket…or prom dress shoes.

6) I’m not going to graduation. Hahahaha…I’m so weird. And I’m…happy? :> Certainly not sad about it. I’ve been to three graduations. Not the most exhilarating moments of my life. *Although I did thoroughly enjoy the salutatorian’s speech my sophomore year. I don’t think I will have anxiety attacks or anything about skipping my graduation. My aunts might.

So to conclude, I’m weird. What an awesome conclusion. Maybe it’s my Korean side coming out of me. Prom, for the most part is an American event. Mums, good NESS are a TEXAS thing. Yes, people the other states I’ve lived in (Washington, Oregon, Illinois, Virginia) do not understand the concept of mums. Or at least, Texas mums. Everything is truly bigger in Texas.

2) No matter how much I love the lone star state, I think I’m ready to leave.

After college, I can’t guarantee how much longer I’m going to be here. Even after high school, I don’t know how long my parents want to stay here. I was made to travel, live in different places. I think God will present some opportunity for me to spread my wings. The world is big, and I want to see how God works in the smallest ways to whom may seem like even the most insignificant people. It’s those little fingerprints of God that sustain us day by day. If we were constantly in the presence of earth-shattering biblical miracles, we would explode.

Don’t look for big, shocking miracles everyday. Those things that their place and time where they are very much needed. No, not for everyday. Look for the little things that remind you of God. God’s promises, His love, His patience, His perfect peace.

45 minutes later, FINISH.


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